Why Having the Right Front Door Matters

Even though it is used several times a day, few people give more than a passing thought to their front door. So long as it opens easily and shuts properly, is pleasant to look at and strong enough to be secure, it kind of fades into the furniture, it’s just there, right? Yet there’s so much more to the front door of your home than that, and those who know just why having the right one is important benefit in several ways.


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Your Door Speaks for You

How would you feel if people passing or visiting your house got the impression that you were a sloppy, lazy, money wasting kind of person or family? Although that may be completely unfair, many people claim that the way your front door looks sends a message to the world, declaring what you believe in, your lifestyle and attitude. Start the journey to the perfect front door by making sure yours reflects who you really are through its general appearance. Think about color too. What kind of impression would a bubblegum pink door portray compared to one painted in a neutral shade?

Tap Into Feng Shui’s Good Energy

Feng Shui practitioners believe the front door to be the main place where energy enters, and of course exits, your home. You can encourage good energy – which means good people, new opportunities and more money by having a clean and well kept door. It should open and close easily too. Why risk having your good luck halted by a door that sticks?

Draw On the History of Red Doors

Historically, red front doors have been popular amongst people who are high achievers, the type who make a difference to the world. There’s perhaps no surprise there as red is definitely the color of confidence. Over time red doors have signified a variety of things, including becoming mortgage free (Scotland), a home open to travelers in need of rest and refuge (USA), and as an invite to good luck to enter at New Year (China). Red may not be the best color choice for all homes, but if it suits yours it would definitely be a strong choice.

Keep the Rights Things In – and Out

Whatever style, features and color you choose, your front door should always be strong and secure enough to keep your family and possessions safe and weatherproofed for the climate you live in. These days, security doors are a popular choice, and available in a variety of styles and materials. Steel doors are energy efficient and easy to maintain, while wood doors need more attention but are often nicer to look at. If you need advice on choosing the best door for your home ask a local expert for ideas.

If you are interested in boosting the value of your property, creating a positive image of your lifestyle or attracting good luck into your life it seems like your front door holds the key to them all.