What size structure can you build in your backyard without getting approval?

It can be very expensive to move house and many people struggle to afford it. Often, it makes more sense to carry on living at your current address and turn it into the home you really want. Making changes to the structure of your home, or building new structures on your property, is often a lot cheaper, and a lot less hassle, than making a move. One thing you do have to be aware of is the building restrictions and permissions requirements that you need to take into account.

If you do not pay attention to the rules you need to follow you could be forced to remove a structure you have paid good money to have built. You do not want to be faced with the potential cost of this and paying any fines you may receive.

Why build a structure in your back yard?

There can be many different reasons why you would choose to build a structure in your back yard. You may decide that you need a new garage in which to store your car, or a gazebo where you can while away the evenings when the weather is warm. If you have a back yard space that is big enough it makes sense to make this type of improvement. Not only does it make your home a better place to live, it also helps to increase the sale value of your property should you ever decide to take the step of moving.

How do you know what size structure you can build?

There are certain exemptions that apply if the structure you are building is less than three metres in height above natural ground level and is roofed and enclosed. If this sounds like the structure you are planning to create you may not need new development permission. It’s not as simple as that though; building regulations can be difficult to understand.

One of the best ways of making sure that your structure complies with all the regulations that exist is to speak to a professional surveyor at a company such as geosurv.com.au. These professionals have years of experience dealing with domestic construction and they can oversee your project and make sure it progresses quickly and easily. You will not run the risk of building a structure that does not conform to rules and regulations and you do not have to do any of the work around studying the regulations. You get the peace of mind of having people in place who can take a lot of the pressures and responsibilities off your shoulders.

If you want to build a structure in the back yard of your home there is a good chance you may not need new development permission to build, if the structure stands less than three metres off the natural ground. That being said, you have to make sure that you adhere to all of the regulations that are in place. Seeking professional help can help you ensure that you do so.

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