Things To Consider When Looking For Shared Accommodation

If you’re on the lookout for somewhere to live, then take it from me, don’t expect the entire process to be quick, easy, and painless, even if money is no real issue. I know just how unstable the property market currently is, even if it does look set to be improving, and I know just how much of a nightmare it can be to find somewhere to live. However, if you do happen to be struggling to find a new home to live in, perhaps you may wish to consider shared accommodation, like thousands of other individuals all over the country. Shared accommodation is growing in popularity every single year, and not just because it’s far cheaper than living alone either. If you’re already familiar with the concept of shared accommodation and have seriously been considering it lately, here I’ll be sharing a few things to consider when looking for shared accommodation.

Think About Whether You’re A People Person

Not all of us enjoy spending time with other people, especially people that we may not know very well either. The idea behind shared accommodation is that you, well, share your accommodation with another person or other people, in the form of flatmates. Just remember that each flatmate will be different as you will have flatmates from all walks of life living under the same roof. Naturally, personalities, beliefs, and generally ways of living can clash from time to time so you’re not forced to get along with one another, which can make shared accommodation a real headache. If you’re not a people person and you enjoy peace and quiet and your own personal space, perhaps shared accommodation is not idea for you.

Ask Yourself How Clean You Consider Yourself To Be?

In shared accommodation, without question, one of the main causes of arguments/resentment between housemates is cleanliness, particularly cleanliness in the kitchen. Some people tend to be messy, some tend to be a little untidy, some tend to be downright animals, and some tend to be incredibly clean and hygienic. Now, imagine one flatmate that happens to be incredibly clean and hygienic, moving into shared accommodation with a flatmate that doesn’t wash their dishes for days, even weeks at a time, leaves clutter everywhere, and even leaves food and drink on the side where it grows mouldy and turns bad. Do you honestly think that those two will get along with one another? The bottom line is that the main cause of arguments in shared accommodation is anything to do with cooking/washing up, so ask yourself if you could live with somebody that messy, or from another perspective, if you could live with somebody constantly nagging you about every single plate or piece of cutlery you use to prepare your meals.

Consider Whether You Trust Other People

It’s not pleasant but there have been numerous occasions in which flatmates and housemates living in shared accommodation have stolen from one another, which is obviously an awful thing to have to consider. When you think of stealing, you probably picture housemates breaking into other housemate’s rooms and stealing bankcards and money from their wallets, and whilst that has happened, other instances of theft such as a stolen bag of crisps or a few teabags are far more common. If somebody buys food and another housemate uses that food without asking, it’s theft, no matter how petty it may be. You must trust the people you’re living with, especially as you have valuable belongs in your room and if you don’t, again, you may wish to consider living alone.

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