The Strength of Steel and How it Protects Your Belongings

If you are considering about renting or buying a steel storage container, you will likely also be wondering just how strong these containers are. When you use steel storage containers, it is generally to place belongings in them, so you need to make sure that they will be secure and safe at all times. They last thing you want to do is worry about water damage, or damage during transport for instance.


All about Steel Storage Containers

First of all, you need to know that these containers are usually made from a corrugated weathering steel. This is one of the most durable and strongest forms of steel and almost all of the unite will be constructed out of it. Sometimes, they containers will also have wooden floors and perhaps wooden frames, but the shell is always metal. There are many different designs of containers, generally depending on what they are used for as well the type of environment it will be used in. However, they are all made to last.

You need to think about why you are using this type of container. It is possible, for instance, that weight inside the container is of importance to you, particularly if you store heavy items in it. If you intend to transport your container, the weight it can handle on the outside is also important, as different containers are stacked on ships during transport.

Roughly speaking, a 20ft container can hold around 55,000 lbs (22,000 kg) of goods. It can also support around 190,486 lbs (86,400 kg) of external weight. However, if you need it to support more, it can have fixtures installed on it that will increase its external strength to 275,580 lbs (125,000 kg). If you use a larger container, its capacity will not automatically increase with it as well. If it is important to you that the container can carry really heavy loads, you will need a reinforced model, not necessarily a larger one.

Generally speaking, however, whether you want to transport a container full of blankets or a container full of cars, standard models will be able to carry that load.

Another concern is damage during transport because of movement. Luckily, this is easily overcome by properly securing your belongings inside. The corrugated weathering steel is designed to withstand the various knocks and bumps that always happen when containers are being transported. Additionally, the material protects against hail, rain, wind and even the spray of the sea.

So how strong are steel containers really? Basically, they are about as strong and durable as they can possibly get. It is for good reason, therefore, that they have been used in the shipping industry for so long, and why no better alternative exists. In fact, very few are even looking for a better alternative. These containers have proven their worth as being able to safely transport just about anything, and it is likely that they will continue to be used for many more years to come.

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