The Importance of Designing Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Updating, upgrading, or replacing the cabinets in your kitchen are some of the most affordable kitchen renovations one can undertake. It also has a significant impact on your daily life, as anyone who has complained about a lack of counter space or uneven drawers can attest. Yet these problems may be worse by hiring someone to install generic custom cabinets. Here are four reasons to learn about the importance of designing custom kitchen cabinets.

It Maximizes the Use of Kitchen Space

Custom kitchen cabinets may eliminate the wasted space in the corner, whether you opt for a pull-out corner drawer or an open storage niche. You can explain your needs and wants to a carpenter and drafter so that they can come up with effective solutions for your storage problems. For instance, they could replace a built-in wine rack with storage for your pots or install storage hooks for your serving utensils. You could also let them build large deep storage cabinets for the slow cooker and other items you don’t use often, so that they are protected and out of the way. Finally, you could let them create large spice racks and that deep pantry you’ve always wanted.

It Makes the Kitchen More Accessible

Custom kitchen cabinets can improve accessibility on all fronts. For example, you can select the counter height so that it is tailored to you, rather than working with counters designed for the average homeowner. You can also opt for open shelving so that you can readily reach regularly used items. Furthermore, you can ask for hardware that fits your hands. For example, many people with limited grip strength or reduced mobility struggle with narrow handles and small knobs. Easy open drawers are another essential design change. Whether you’re suffering from musculoskeletal problems, growing weaker with age, or just want easier-to-open cabinets, you should be able to gently pull on the drawer or tap the corner and have it slide out.

It May Allow You to Change the Layout of the Kitchen Itself

It isn’t uncommon to replace the floors after you’ve replaced the cabinets, especially if you have linoleum. On the other hand, replacing your kitchen cabinets with custom ones may provide you with the opportunity to make your kitchen more usable. That being said, you don’t have to bring in a butcher block table to make up for the unworkably small kitchen island, when the cabinet maker could build a better central island. You could install larger counters or create a breakfast bar at the end of the kitchen while you’re renovating the kitchen. You could also use this opportunity to move the portable dishwasher under the counter or install appliances like can openers under the adjacent cabinets. This will allow for more open counter space to use.

It May Hide Unsightly Appliances

Custom kitchen cabinets could enclose the space around the dishwasher or garbage disposal so that it is no longer visible. Now guests won’t see the large gap on each side of the dishwasher where it is currently sitting, yet your plumber gets full access to everything once they open up the doors. Custom cabinets could also hide a large freezer or double fridge, and it could be done for a fraction of the cost of buying a fridge with wood paneling on the outside.

So, make your kitchen reflect your personality and make it a place that is comfortable for all who use it.  Designing Custom kitchen cabinetry can help you to accomplish your goal and they can also help to make the kitchen area more functional and organized. Make your home fit your needs exactly with customized kitchen cabinetry crafted to meet your specific and unique requirements.