The fairytale of Danish lighting design – Louis Poulsen

The story of the Danish lighting design brand Louis Poulsen is a true business venture fairytale, complete with small beginnings, big stars and pioneer spirit.

Starting at the end, Louis Poulsen lamps have been a cornerstone of design lighting, since Poul Henningsen began creating lamps for Louis Poulsen in 1924. Before then, Louis Poulsen has taken over his uncle’s business in 1908, beginning the journey of one of the 2000th century’s most successful lighting businesses.

PH lamps are still a trademark

The world-famous lamp designer Poul Henningsen has always played a big part in the success of the Louis Poulsen brand. With his signature lamps, perhaps the most famous being his Pendel lamp, Poul Henningsen made sure to put himself and Louis Poulsen on the world map of lighting design.

To this day, more than five decades after Poul Henningen’s death, PH lamps are still a trademark of the Louis Poulsen brand. Since then, the brand has taken in more exciting and skilled artwork from creme de la creme of lighting design.

A brand with a history

Since the company was founded in 1874, the scope has changed quite a bit. When Louis Poulsen’s uncle was still at the helm, the company changed from initially importing wine, to selling tools and electrical supplies and only when Louis took over the company, did the focus on lighting begin, with the collaboration of Poul Henningsen and Louis Poulsen.

A company with more than 140 years of experience could be viewed as being solely traditional and probably a bit set in its ways. But the continuous success of the Louis Poulsen brand attests to the contrary, showing the world that Louis Poulsen lamps are still modern and versatile in their designs – and that the classics never go out of fashion.

Lamps for all purposes

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