Some Things to Think about Before Moving Home

If you are moving home, there are a lot of things that you have to do first. In fact, there is so much organizing to do that you may feel somewhat overwhelmed. While finding the best movers Arlington VA has to offer will go a long way towards organizing the actual move, there are many other things to think about.

Young couple unpacking in their new home

The reality is that moving home is difficult. There are so many little things that you have to take into consideration before you actually leave your old property that it is all too easy to forget one of those things. While any mistake can be rectified at some point, it would be better if no mistakes were made at all. Below are the five most important things to think about.

Five Top Things to Consider Before Your Move

  1. Have you paid all of your bills? Consider the electricity, gas, water, internet, telephone and television bills, for instance. You really can’t move out of a property until you have paid for these bills. A lot of people think that those bills will just take care of themselves, since the new occupant can just say they are not theirs. But they will come back to haunt you at some point.
  2. Find out if you have caused any damage. It doesn’t matter whether you owned or rented your previous place, it is important that it is left in a good state. Get things fixed that have broken, look for cracks in the walls and ceiling, etc. If you have rented the property, any damage will be taken out of your deposit, after all, and your landlord will generally charge you more than what it would have cost you to fix it yourself.
  3. Make sure the house is actually empty. Check all the cupboards and drawers, look in the attic and check out the basement as well. While it is unlikely that there will be anything valuable left behind, since you would have remembered it, it may be information that could identify you and you always have to be careful about identity theft.
  4. The moment you actually leave the property, do a final run through it. Have you switched all the taps off? Are all the lights extinguished? Is the heating off? The sprinklers? Anything that requires power to operate must be switched off before you leave. You don’t want to waste natural resources and damage the planet, after all.
  5. Don’t forget your pet. You may think that you could never forget your animals, who are real parts of the family after all, but you would be surprised at how often it happens. While it may be pretty difficult to leave a huge Rottweiler behind, an old turtle tank is easily missed. Cats also have a habit of running off and it is all too easy to think someone in your family must have put them in their basket and took them.

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