Sealing of Basement Foundation Cracks

Have you ever walked downstairs to see your possessions floating on a foot of water? If yes, then chances are a crack in your foundation may be causing the leak. The crack can be small and as such, not visible to you. That’s why you should hire a contractor to dig around your house to waterproof the entire basement long term. If not, you will surely pay for expensive repairs over and over again.

Basement foundation cracks can be sealed without spending a fortune through simple crack fixing.

How to Seal Basement Cracks

There are two approaches used by waterproofing Toronto contractors in sealing basement cracks that develop in poured concrete foundations:

  • Exterior excavation and foundation crack repair

  • Crack injection

In short, crack injection is done through the use of a pressurized resin that fill the crack space. The resin then solidifies and ultimately fixes the crack.

On the other hand, exterior excavation is a much more labour intensive process. However, its effectiveness is similar to that of crack injection. In exterior excavation, an elastic membrane is applied over the crack and reduces the permeability of your foundation wall.

Crack injection is less costly than excavation. Also, crack injections can be done in a matter of hours while excavation requires at least two weeks of scheduling before the construction process is underway. This is because excavation involves the marking of underground utilities which must be done safely and legally.

Leaking Foundation Cracks and Basement Waterproofing

Many homeowners ask whether it is necessary to waterproof your basement if you only have a leaking foundation crack. The answer to this is no. the logic behind it is that if a hole in your foundation is the reason behind the leakage, the best way is to deal with the hole and not the foundation. When you seal the cracks, the leakage problem is as good as gone as water can no longer penetrate the foundation to your basement.

Some waterproofing companies may suggest to you that crack injection is akin to a “Band-Aid” and its effectiveness is temporary. However, this can be a gimmick to charge you more for a waterproofing process that is absolutely unnecessary.

Why DIY Foundation Crack Sealing May Never Work

There is always a temptation to fix your foundation crack yourself because you want to save money. While it’s possible, it’s also risky. The convenience of crack injection kits available online and in some brick and mortar stores has made homeowners to believe that foundation crack sealing is as simple.

This is not a good idea because sealing a crack on the surface effectively traps water within the crack. Over time, the concrete becomes saturated with water and begins the process of deterioration. Just like rotten wood, there is nothing much you can do to salvage or restore deteriorated concrete.

If you have to seal a basement foundation crack on the surface, then you have to seal the exterior surface and this can happen by first excavating the wall. Let professionals do the job!

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