Revitalize Your Drab Living Room

Is your living room more of a depressing throwback than a vibrant space to enjoy yourself? Not to worry, you’re not alone. A living room renovation or style overhaul is no small task. It can be a long job depending on how dire the situation is.


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The first thing you should look at is your carpet. It may have looked nice when you moved in around 1982, but in 2015 you’re pushing it. Years of dirt and stains aren’t going to help either.

If you want something that will last a few decades, some wooden panelling might be an option. Easy to clean and ultimately timelessly stylish. The problem lies in that it just isn’t so comforting.

If you want your living room to be a place of relaxation and comfort, the wood panels might not be for you. A few throw rugs might make the difference though, and save you shelling out on a new carpet. It’s your decision however, and should be based on your personal tastes.


Let’s talk about furniture quickly. Your cloth or material furniture suite will never last as long as you want it to. It’ll start looking dated within five years. After ten? Just plain ugly. You ideally want something that is timeless.

Generally, leather sofas and chairs don’t go out of style. They’re a mainstay of living rooms throughout the ages. Now, there are a few things you have to do with leather sofas.

Don’t let the cat use it as a scratching post. Clean spills off immediately because they may stain permanently. Most importantly, give the leather a wipe down with a wet cloth. Leather can dry out and crack, keeping it moist is important to prevent that.

Walls & Ceilings

With your walls and ceilings, basic is best. Keeping it simple can help you rearrange and readjust your living room over and over. Not only that, but sometimes the simple approach lasts longer.

Designs and patterns will fall out of fashion. Some simple complimentary colours will be good enough to last until you feel you need a change. If you need to have some patterned wallpaper, have a single ‘feature’ wall. So long as you have access to it, you can easily just strip and switch the wallpaper when you get tired of the design.


Your light fixtures will determine how much exposure any given room will get. For your living room, it’s best not to overdo it. Let the natural light do the job during the day, and let subtle smaller lights do the work at night.

Strong overhead lights can be overpowering. They can wash out the room and just ruin any colour balance you’ve brought to it.


Most importantly, don’t overcrowd the space. Doing this will just clutter your living room and make it, well, unlivable. If you can’t afford the space, don’t buy something. A coffee table might seem like a practical idea, but if you’re banging your shins on it, over and over it won’t be worth it.

Tough as it may be, if you care about your home design, you’ll revitalise your living room as soon as you can.

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