Plumbing Situations That Need Professional Attention

It seems that plumbing problems always come at the worst possible time, like

the day you get home from vacation or the week you expect a house full of company.

Some plumbing fixes, such as plunging a toilet or clearing a simple drain clog, you

may be able to handle on your own. For others, you will need the help of an

experienced professional.


Lack of Hot Water

Water heater problems can be tricky to diagnose and even harder to solve.

Depending on what type of water heater you have and how old it is, there are a number of

things that can cause it to stop functioning. A professional plumber can find the

source of the problem and advise you about whether the unit should be repaired or


If you do need a new water heater, it may be tempting to run down to the

nearest appliance store, pick one out and try to install it yourself. However, this type

of job is better left to someone who knows how to do it properly and efficiently.

Another advantage of having a professional perform this installation is that he or

she likely guarantees the work and has business insurance to cover any accidents

that may happen along the way.

Frozen Pipes

Water expands when it is frozen. This is not a problem when the water in

question is confined to an ice cube tray in your freezer, but in your home’s water

pipes it is an entirely different story. You may think the inconvenience of a frozen

pipe will pass when the weather warms up or when you melt the ice with a hair

dryer, but the truth is that the pipe itself may be irreparably damaged because of the

expansion inside it.

A professional plumber can check all of your home’s pipes for cracks and may

decide to replace any frozen sections rather than trying to thaw them. In any case, it

is better to call for help right away than to spend several hours attempting to rectify

the situation yourself and then finding out that your pipes are cracked, and you need

a plumber anyway.

Lack of Water Pressure

Low pressure in one area, such as in the shower, may be the result of mineral buildup in the faucet or

shower head. You may be able to take care of this with household cleaners or

manual scale removal. A lack of pressure throughout the whole house, though, can

indicate a larger problem. Plumbing experts can diagnose this kind of issue and find out if the

main problem is something like corrosion within your plumbing system or if it is a

city-wide complication. Once the root cause has been discovered, you can decide on

an action plan.

Of all the projects you may be tempted to do yourself, plumbing problems are

among the trickiest to do correctly. You can save yourself considerable time, effort,

and frustration by calling a professional to diagnose whatever difficulties you are

having. At that point, you can decide whether or not it seems reasonable to have the

job professionally done.

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