Kitchen Windows: Making Sure You Don’t Cook Up Extra Expense

Anyone who has embarked on the project of installing a new kitchen will have probably heard all about the famous triangle (involving the fridge, cooker and sink for those that are not in the know), modern appliances and funky work surfaces. Something that is often forgotten about, perhaps unsurprisingly, are the windows.

From an aesthetic point of view, the window treatments can make all the difference to your kitchen. They tend to cover a large portion of the wall, so finding a style that suits the rest of the room should certainly be high on your agenda.

However, something that should perhaps be placed even higher on your list of priorities in this regard are the practical aspects. For all kitchen windows need to look the part, their functionality is paramount unless you want to be constantly replacing them.

Unfortunately, regular replacement can occur if you don’t choose smartly. The kitchen isn’t like any other room in the house, barring the bathroom, as it attracts moisture, smells and other factors that all affect fabric. The last thing you want is the smell from last night’s dinner somehow attaching itself to your blinds, or for splashes from the sink to constantly engulf them in water. It’s not hygienic and let’s be honest, stains just aren’t cool.

It means that finding a practical kitchen window treatment is crucial to avoid all of the above. Fortunately, the options in today’s market are limitless.

For example, blinds coated in PVC are absolutely perfect. Moisture doesn’t “soak” into these blinds, but instead glides or wipes off meaning that stains are well and truly a thing of the past. For those households wanting to take on a more premium appearance, faux wood blinds are just as effective. They mimic the effect of natural wood, but the “fake” nature of them means that manufacturers have been able to make them resistant to the effects of moisture.

It’s not all about moisture though; there is another practical consideration that can be brought into play. We’re in an age where storage always seems to be at a premium and if we can find a way to put away items, we’ll be on it like a shot. Windows happen to bring an ideal storage opportunity, with the sills being perfect to place anything from spice jars to ornaments. However, some blinds tend to engulf a large portion of this space, which makes the sill unusable. It means that you’ll need to turn to something like a roller blind, which doesn’t tend to take up much of the room at the base.

As you can see, the factors that need to be considered for kitchen blinds are much different to those of a normal room. The nature of this room means that if you do make a bad decision, the chance that you will need to replace the blinds increase drastically and naturally this is expense which just shouldn’t have to occur.

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