Ideas for the Modern Bathroom Designs in Sydney


Bathroom Cabinets

You can either go for a face-frame or frameless cabinet. While frameless cabinets offer more closet space, they lack the embossed appeal of frameless cabinets. Pick one that suits your bathroom’s structure. Small and dim-lit bathrooms usually ask for face-frame cabinets, as wood-themed bathrooms do too.

Medicine Cabinets

Not every bathroom has a medicine cabinet, but for the people who are thinking of getting one, consider a medicine cabinet that is in contrast with the color and theme of the bathroom itself. If, for example, you have a tiled wall, try getting a wood-themed or natural-finish medicine cabinet. And if you have a wood-themed bathroom, consider getting a metallic medicine cabinet.

These cabinets come in a lot of forms: opaque doors, two glass front doors, sliding, and mirrored, to name a few. You should always pick a medicine cabinet that can pack in a lot of toiletries, more so if you’re living in a crowded household.

Glass Etching

Though rather costly, etchings on transparent and translucent glass surfaces – whether on the door, cabinet, shower – will add elegance to your bathroom. And for the design, be sure to select aquatic scenery or a Romanesque figure like Neptune.


Natural lighting obviously sets a more relaxing tone during baths, so it’s better if you do away with the tinted windows and overly bright fluorescent bulbs. General lighting should be invoked on larger scale bathrooms. As for smaller lavatories, consider task lighting or accent lighting.

Other ideas to consider

1. Plants are always a good way to add a glorified, happy look to any bathroom. For flowers, consider putting them inside a basket instead of a vase.

2. Scented candles always delight the senses during evening. Pick sweet, eclectic scents and make sure they are placed in corners.

3. Tall, wood-weaved laundry hampers look good on any bathroom. Make sure that there are holes in the hamper so the stench of the dirty clothes disperses easily.

4. There should always be a towel or two ready to be used by guests. Place one inside the drawer and the other one readily hanging by the vertical/horizontal pole.

5. 80% of the floor should be available to be walked on.

To end, do not forget to barge in with the bathroom decorations. Consult your family members or friends you live with if they have additional suggestions you can employ. You should also prioritize any indoor plumbing issues before you proceed with the Modern Bathroom Designs in Sydney. The bathroom is a quintessential part of the house that should be readily accessible to anyone.