How To Turn Your City Apartment Terrace into A Country House Garden


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Living in the city sometimes takes its toll and you would love a countryside getaway. Well even if you only have a terrace or a balcony you can still bring the country feel to your outside space. Here are a few ways to help you enjoy your own slice of the country in the city by investing in some simple things.

Outdoor furniture

Whether it is just a small chair, waterproof beanbag or a porch swing. There are plenty of options in a shapes and sizes no matter the size of your space. Outdoor furniture can give you that break you need to spend some time outside even when you live in a city. Whether you want to Whether you want to spend a day in the sunshine or pop outside for a quick coffee in the morning, it’s lovely to have somewhere to sit outside.

Potted plants

You may not have room for a planted garden but you can make a place greener by adding some pots. Potted herbs are a great place to start, adding both some greenery and a useful addition to your cooking. You can also add small plants to window boxes or boxes on your balcony to add colour and fun. Don’t worry if you are busy, they don’t take too much time to tend to. Just some water and pruning once in a while will keep them pretty.


Growing climbing plants on trellises makes your garden or terrace feel bigger and more intimate at the same time. You don’t even have to grow plants on them, but plants like ivy make them a little more special. They grow and climb over along the wood making their very own design. They also provide some privacy or block out any unsightly views. Giving you your own little sanctuary to enjoy. You might even feel like you are in your own countryside garden.

Bird feeders

You might not get to see much wildlife in the city but we need to look after those who share our space. A bird feeder or bird box are great ways to bring the local wildlife to you and to look after the birds in your area. Just a small bird feeder is all you need to get started and the seed to fill them is pretty inexpensive too. Hang it outside and you’ll be surprised how many bird friends you’ll attract. Very relaxing to watch too.

Scented plants

Not only can you change what you see on your balcony or terrace but you can also inspire other senses. By planting bedding or potted scented plants, you can make your space an even more pleasant place to relax. Plants such as lavender are quite hardy and will give you that scent of a countryside garden. They are also great for bees and butterflies helping the natural environment. So you will improve your own wellbeing and that of your surroundings too.

Do you have an outdoor space you want to transform into a countryside like retreat? These ideas will get you on your way to making your balcony or terrace a place you will love to spend time. A place to relax, destress and enjoy the fresh air. Makeover your alfresco area and reap the rewards for years to come.