How to Soundproof Sash Windows?

Soundproof sash windows will generally improve the comfort of your home by reducing the noise levels. They also retain heat and maintain proper levels of security in your home. They are valuable for every home and increase the quality of your home when looking for natural calmness. Now, in this post, we’ll show you all the professional, do-it-yourself options for all soundproof sash windows.

However, first, to understand how to soundproof sash windows, you’ll need to know how noise is measured which is in Decibels (dB). Of course, high or too much sound decibels are quite dangerous to our health and even cause sleepless nights. With this in mind, here are the most professional and straightforward ways of soundproofing sash windows. Have a look!

Sash Windows DIY Draught Proofing

This technique can reduce the levels of noise in your home considerably. While there no proven studies on how draught proofing improves the lifestyle in your home. It’s clear that an old and draughty sash window, with a high-quality system of soundproofing, transforms and enhances the comfort of your home.

Sash windows come with different insulations and costs. So, if you’re looking to make your home more pleasant without spending too much, you could try applying masking tape to the joints on your sash window. They will prevent the same amount of noise just like a standard sash window, draught proofing system. However, be cautious when doing so as there are several varying sash window conditions.

Secondary Glazing

If you are not comfortable with draught proofing, then the best option based on performance and reliability is secondary glazing. However, it’s done after you’ve thoroughly draught-proofed your sash window. It’s quite cost-effective, and because of the massive cavity of air created after drought proofing together with your secondary glazing unit, noise and heat are significantly reduced.

While the cavity is not completely airtight, it’s pretty close, and the resulting structure is perfectly thick and double glazed. Keep in mind that the thicker the double glazed unit, the better it is!

However, it comes with a vast ‘BUT.’ While it’s the right choice for those of you suffering from constant noise but don’t want to incur too much to achieve perfect soundproofing results, it ends up ruining the aesthetics of a seasoned property. Such means that your home may not the sparkling look you intended it to possess.


A comfortable home is the best environment for relaxing, performing house chores, and reading and even working but noise is its most significant, ‘enemy.’ Luckily, you don’t have to suffer anymore once you understand these two simple soundproofing sash window methods. Although both of them have one or two disadvantages, they still do a lot in making sure that you have a serene living space. They are far much better than having to struggle with noise while in your home. You can have them installed without too much interference with your interior decor and enjoy the calmness that magically transforms your life. Try them out!