How to Choose the Best Rain Shower

The cool, refreshing feeling of rain on your face is not always welcome when you’re shopping, or you need to get to work. But in the shower it can be heavenly, which is where the specialist rain shower head attachment comes in. A rain shower is engineered to give you the feeling of showering in a rain storm and is designed to deliver a range of water settings from a heavy drenching to a light drizzle.

Rain showers can be round or square in shape and have visible holes in the head where the water is pushed out in an even and strong fashion. There are a variety of settings on the shower head that can either be programed in advance or come on randomly, to give you a variety of shower experiences. Find out more about rain showers and what you need to look for when you are buying your new rain shower head.

What are the Benefits of a Rain Shower?

The main benefit of a specialist rain shower is the relaxing feel of the droplets on the skin. The water falls evenly and strongly and the feeling is very luxurious. You also have the ability to program your shower so you get the desired intensity of water flow, which is something you may not be able to do with a regular shower. These types of shower offer more coverage under water so you can get drenched all over without having to move around in the shower cubicle. Rain showers are also highly stylish and look great in a modern bathroom.

Choosing a New Rain Shower

Shower Cabins often come with rain shower heads attached, or you can buy your own separate rain shower head to go in an existing shower cabin. Here’s what you can look for when you are shopping for a rain head shower:

The size of the shower head is important. Generally, it is better to go bigger rather than smaller. This way you get great coverage and you can evenly distribute the water all over the body for a better cleansing experience. It is also important to look at the overall quality of the rain shower. Since rain showers are fashionable right now, there are some brands which claim to offer a superior shower experience but are actually poorly made. Look at reviews online for the products you are interested in, and ask a specialist bathroom fitter for their advice.

Also look at the different designs of the spray settings. It depends what you are looking for since there you can get quite simple showers or, alternatively, showers where you have a lot of options for personalisation.

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