How to Choose the Best Carpet for Both Fashion and Functionality

When it comes to choosing which carpet is best suited for your needs it always comes down to personal preference, however with the range of choices available it can be difficult for many homeowners to narrow down their choices. Below are some great questions to ask yourself when choosing the right carpet to update the style in your home.

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How Much Will It Be Walked On?

This is the most important question when it comes to choosing a carpet and it either allows or restricts your design choices. If you are buying a carpet which is going to see a lot of foot traffic then your design choices are likely to be restricted to shorter carpets with a more durable feel. If you are carpeting a room which won’t see much traffic yet is highly visible, a fashion carpet is more likely to provide you with the most options.


Once you have decided on whether your carpet is for style or substance, the next question you have to ask yourself is how much cleaning time you are willing to put in. If you aren’t interested in vacuuming or spending a lot of time removing stains then it’s likely your choices will be directed towards a more purpose-designed carpet, likely to be one with shorter fibers and stain resistant technology. If you have nothing but time on your hands, a long haired carpet provides the most fashion choices, however, isn’t always the friendliest to clean.

Do You Have Pets?

When it comes to pets in the home, carpets aren’t always their best friend. Not only can their paws push mud and debris into the fiber of your carpet to create hard to remove stains, hair from your pets has the uncanny ability to cling to carpet fibers, making them difficult to keep visually clean. If you have an inside pet which seems to leave hair throughout your home, this is something you will need to consider when choosing your carpet.

Do You Need a Carpet?

If you’re stuck in the middle between wanting a carpet for function and a carpet for style, there’s always one questions homeowners don’t ask themselves – do you need new carpet? If you are looking to cover a stain or simply update the style in and around your home, check out the Groupon Coupons page for Nordstrom to find an extensive range of rugs. While rugs were once known as small and uninviting flooring accessories, the fashion world has embraced them with open arms leaving you with a multitude of choices that don’t require an entire carpet relay.

With these four simple questions, you can gain a better understanding of your carpet needs and which styles will be available to you. Just remember, laying new carpet can be an expensive task, so choose wisely.

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