How to Add Character to Your Campervan

Your campervan is a place where you often find yourself spending a handful of weeks out of the year, winding down, relaxing and going on some great adventures. A huge benefit of having a campervan is that is quite often resembles a home on wheels, which you can decorate and style to suit your needs. One main aim when it comes to the interior of your campervan, is for it to feel warm and welcoming, as well as making you feel relaxed and content.


Dependant on how new and how often you’ve used your campervan, you often find that when it comes to your next trip, you always seem to come across items that accumulated throughout the duration of the year just gone, which when you’re already limited to space and storage, is always an inconvenience! Start by de-cluttering your campervan, removing any leaflets, magazines and other items that may have built up on the surfaces, as this will ensure you have plenty of space to settle in and unpack the items you need.

Introduce Colour

One of the easiest ways to add character to any space is through colour. For campervans, it’s so beneficial to capture the perfect atmosphere, as this will help you to enjoy your holiday and get the most out of the space you have. Whilst you don’t have walls to paint, you can introduce colour in a whole range of different ways, from materials used for the curtains, blinds and bedding, to the kitchen utensils and artwork dotted around the place. Selecting bold, bright colours will lift the atmosphere within your campervan and help you feel at home and relaxed throughout your trip.

Flooring Options

When it comes to the flooring within a campervan, the standard option is usually either carpet or vinyl. You often find carpet is used to create a warm, welcoming feel within the social, living space, with vinyl used for the kitchen and toilet. To add character and make your campervan interiors more personal and suited to your style, you can opt for Veltrim smooth carpet, suede effect and even soft-touch which will add a much softer, cosier feel.

Bold Bedding

The way you style your campervan is all down to your personal preference, and designing a space that will feel comfortable and inviting for you is the most important thing to consider. Choosing some soft, cosy bedding with a delicate design and colour scheme will instantly add character to the whole area. You can then look at adding additional features such as scatter cushions and a throw to your campervan bed, as this will finish the area perfectly as well as keeping you cosy and warm on those cooler evenings!

Personal Details

There’s nothing more comforting and homely than a selection of family photographs and artwork. Introducing personal details like these will lift the atmosphere within your campervan and make the whole area much more personal to you. You can also look at other details such as fresh flowers or candles to the room, as these small yet stylish details will add a beautiful aroma to your campervan.