How New Condos Compare to Older Condos: Making the Right Choice

It does seem like new condos in Montreal are cropping up everywhere these days, as developers are trying to take advantage of the huge demand. But are you sure you want to get a condo in a new building, rather than an older condo instead? While a new condo does offer several distinct advantages, older condos do have their own special kind of charm.

Here are some factors you may want to consider if you’re unsure whether to pick a new or old condo for your next home:


For this purpose, newer condos are decidedly a better option for you, since you’ll get the latest and newest innovations for heating and air conditioning. Most of the time, the HVAC units as well as the wiring and piping are much more energy-efficient. Besides, the appliances are often new as well.

With older units, you may want to check whether the HVAC system has been properly maintained and renovated recently. What you don’t want is an HVAC system that’s due for replacement. That can be very expensive, plus it can cause a lot of inconvenience.

Available Amenities

Many condo units these days offer many types of amenities to differentiate themselves from the competition. That’s why newer condo buildings have fitness centers, swimming pools, and private parking for each unit. Others may have lounge areas for residents to hang out and relax, and some may even have spas so the residents can get regular massages.

These are the amenities that are often lacking in older condo buildings. Most of the time, you get private parking and that’s it. Sometimes it’s just a parking lot reserved for residents so you can park anywhere that’s open.

Closet Space

Modern condo designers have finally recognized the fact that many condo residents require storage space. That’s why the most recently built condos these days tend to feature large closets with lots of space for your stuff. Now you don’t have to hunt for various storage space solutions for your cramped condo unit.

When the older condos were built, this need for bigger closets wasn’t yet recognized by the designers. That’s why a lot of these older units only come with a few closets. The closets they do contain are also often very small. This was a design decision to create more living space, but of course modern condo buyers now tend to prioritize the presence of large closets for all their clothes and possessions.


Modern condo designers have made it a point to make sure that units these days are very efficient in their use of space. Lots of condos today are small, so designers have made sure that just about every square inch has been maximized for use.

On the other hand, this tendency to prioritize space-efficiency has resulted in rather blander and sometimes even downright boring designs. Also, it’s like every new unit seems to look alike. It’s like modern cars—they’re all aerodynamic, but they seem to look very similar to each other.

With older units, you can have many different types of layouts to choose from, and some of them can be rather unusual. You may find nice areas like foyers that many modern condo designers have abandoned since they’re not exactly efficient in their use of space.

Ceiling Height

Have you noticed that many new condos have ceilings that are just 8 feet high? This is again because of the emphasis on efficient use of space. It can feel a bit cramped. Older units generally have ceilings that are much higher and they tend to feel more open.

So overall, these new condos do bring a lot to the table, with more amenities, more efficient HVAC systems, and the maximized use of space. But then the older units do have their own charm.