Home Resale – Get the Look to Turn Heads

Whether you are a homeowner looking for cost-effective solutions to presenting your home on the market, or whether you are a buy-to-let landlord looking for long term options to suit the regular demand on a high level of property presentation to help secure tenants, there is one question that you may have repeatedly asked yourself: is home staging worth it?

What is Home Staging?

People don’t live in show homes. The show home setup is not the finished practical article. So why do potential buyers respond more positively to show home setups (or ‘home staging’) when browsing the market? The simple answer is that home staging delivers an intensely appealing hint at how a professional interior design approach could make the best use of space and perspective. This engaging ‘template’ approach encourages buyers to better understand what is on offer, and how they could impose their style. Intrigued? Check out home staging by Emblem Furniture for concepts that underline the significance of presentation.

Why is Home Staging Important if Buyers Change the Furniture Anyway?

Home staging is not about selling the look of a particular house when complete with a particular couch, table, and lamp combo. Home staging is about communicating value. Now, it is important to mention that a house valued at £250,000 cannot leap in value to £400,000 thanks to a professionally lit photo of a well-placed potted plant. Nor should a seller wish to achieve this leap – a buyer looking for a £400,000 home will not be interested in a £250,000 street. Instead, home staging should be looked upon as a chance to fulfil and promote a property’s potential at a glance. Why should this be a consideration? Because buyers will first view your property online.

Imagine flicking through a selection of properties online, only to see image after image of samey looking family homes. Wide screen TV. Block colour feature wall (usually blue). Couch with built in docking station. A small lawn and a featureless downstairs bathroom. It’s all very nice. But it’s all very average. At this point the buyer will be led away from the visual appeal and will begin to consider how other factors such as commuter time and proximity to main roads may help to sway their decision.

Now imagine coming across images of a stunning dining room that looks lifted straight from a 5-star restaurant guide. What about a bedroom that looks more presidential suite than the basics of a clean but boring bed and breakfast? And let’s not forget a living room that looks ready to receive royalty, as compared to a candid snap of a living space cluttered with children’s toys and a mismatched coffee table atop a light-sapping black rug.

Downsize Your Style

As part of your preparations for home staging, attempt to strip away any unneeded furniture. Let the potential buyer see the space. Highlights like flowers, ornamental pieces, and mirrors should be used sparingly. Place the emphasis on the positive attributes of your home, like keeping the space clean and open in a large hallway or making the best use of light in a kitchen diner. There’s no telling how much value a professional staged job could add, but you are better placed to guarantee the asking price of your property with hired help from home staging professionals.