Fun ways to Garden with the Kids this Summer

Gardening is not always the first thing that will pop into your mind when it comes to entertaining the youngsters over the summer holidays, however it’s a very educational activity that can also be great fun too. It’s not always about removing large trees and weeds, sometimes gardening is a project that can be carried out over a few weeks. By introducing your children to gardening, you’re able to give them a sense of responsibility and help them feel as they can achieve something really exciting.

It’s always best to start with easier projects, to ensure you can get the best results and have great fun too. Whether you want to get your little ones growing some plants themselves, or you go down the exciting route of insect hunts and nature trails, there are so many things you can do to get them interacting and engaged. If you do decide to grow some easy plants, then one of the best plants to grow is the Sunflower. Sunflower seeds are really easy to plant, whether you’re using your own potting bench or resting on the worktop, it’s a really easy process that your children can get involved with. The great thing about the sunflower is that it looks beautiful once fully grown, and as it can become quite a large plant, there is plenty of progress to watch out for along the way. This will enable your children to feel proud of themselves for growing their own plants, as well as giving them added responsibilities such as watering the plant and keeping an eye on it. You could also look to grow items such as lettuce, radish and runner beans, as they are super easy to grow too.

If your little ones are still quite young, or you simply feel that growing plants isn’t the project for you, then there are still great ways you can get outdoors with your children and have fun. Insect hunts are always a popular choice, giving your little ones the chance to get into the garden and look for all kinds of bugs and wildlife that lives there. Create a little card with popular insects on such as a fly, woodlouse, ant, beetle etc., and then they can tick off the list when they find each insect. Similarly, nature trails are also very popular. To create the perfect nature trail, section off your garden and give your little one’s things to find from each area. This will encourage them to explore your garden and use their imaginations to find weird and wonderful things. Having your children playing outdoors is a great way to keep them active, reduce the chances of asthma, and also be able to enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors.

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