Fantastic Ways to Use Leyland Cypress in Your Home

If you are looking for a relatively fast growing evergreen to brighten up your home and garden, look no further than Leyland Cypress. This beautiful tree variety is versatile and will happily grow in most soils and climates.

Provided you buy your Leyland Cypress from The Tree Center or another online tree specialist they are not expensive. Plus, once they are in and established they require very little, if any, maintenance. So, they are also low-cost trees to keep. In fact, because they are very attractive to look at, provided you use them in the right way they can actually add value to your property.

Create an attractive hedge

Most Leyland Cypress varieties are bred to have a conical shape. This makes them look particularly attractive when planted in rows. That means they are ideal for creating an interesting hedge. However, if you use them in this way it is really important to buy the right variety. In some areas, the height of your hedge is restricted by local planning or bylaws. Therefore, you need to check this out and buy a variety that will not exceed that height once they are fully grown. Tall trees and hedging are at the root of most arguments between neighbors, so please do not ignore this issue.

Divide your garden into distinct areas

If you have a large garden using Cypress trees to divide it up into distinct areas can help you to get more use out of it. Plus, make the garden more manageable.

For example, a lot of people screen off the bottom of their garden using a Cypress screen. From the house, everything looks neat and tidy with a row of Leyland Cypress looks attractive and draws the eye. However, behind them, the garden has been left to grow wild. This has two advantages. Firstly, you do not have to maintain that section of your garden. Secondly, that area provides good habitat for local wildlife. You can find out more about creating this type of area by reading this article.

Create beautiful arbors

When young, Leyland Cypress trees are nice and springy. This makes them good for creating arbors and other structures. Once they are mature you can cut the top off to stop them growing upwards. At that point, they will fill out a bit along their length but can be trimmed back to keep your arbor looking thin and elegant.

Green sculptures

Surprisingly, Leyland Cypress is also a great tree for topiary. Its natural elegant pointed shape lends itself to creating beautiful natural sculptures. The basic shape is pretty much there already. All you need to do is to trim it closely and remove any sections of the tree that you do not want to be able to create your living sculpture. Leyland Cypress that has been cut into spirals look particularly nice when planted either side of a long driveway or path. Once they are grown, you will only have to trim them a couple of times, every year, to keep them looking perfect.