Everything You Should Know about the Cost of a Boiler Installation

Whether you are installing an entirely new boiler for a new home or property or installing a replacement boiler, you should be well aware of the cost this type of project entails. With the right knowledge, you can make a more informed decision and will not be taken advantage of by unscrupulous boiler installers and technicians, especially if you live in a big (and busy) city like London.


What you should keep in mind


What you should know, first and foremost, is that the cost of installation, regardless of if it’s a new or replacement boiler, is usually pricier than the cost of the actual boiler. Another fact to remember is that this is not the sort of project you can do by yourself – it should always be done by a professional who is fully licenced, insured, and accredited.


The actual cost of boiler installation


Another point to remember is that the actual cost of boiler installation varies, depending on several factors such as how much work needs to be done, what parts are needed (and the availability of parts as well), and even factors like where you are residing. If you live in London, for instance, the cost of boiler repair in London or boiler installation in the area may be higher than that of other locations. Of course, another factor with regards to the total cost of boiler installation is the price of the boiler specialist or engineer you choose.


If you are replacing an old condensing gas boiler with a new one in the same place:


If you are planning to replace an old, gas condensing combination boiler, then you have to contend with the removal of the existing boiler as well. But overall, you can expect to spend from £540 to £650+ for this kind of service. And if you are replacing a very old system, you may also need the installation of a mechanical flush, which would set you back a further £500 or so.





If you are replacing an old non-condensing gas boiler with a condensing boiler, also in the same place:


This type of project involves a check and assessment of your supply of gas and the flue’s position. Depending on the position, the flue may then have to be replaced or removed in order to match with the new boiler. For this, you can expect expenses ranging from £650 to £770+. If your system needs new moving pipes, then you would need to spend an additional £200 – £300 as well.


If you are installing a new condensing gas boiler in another area and upgrading your existing system for heating:


If you are planning to install a condensing gas boiler in another location, this may take extensive work in your plumbing system. Upgrading your existing heating system, such as adding new controls, condensate drains, or radiator valves and moving the flue to another place, may increase the total cost of your project from £1,100 to £1,400+. If your system requires a chemical flush, then expect to spend an extra £200.


When choosing an installer, make sure they have the appropriate Gas Safe registration and warranties. Companies like BBS Plumbing Heating Service, for instance, have up-to-date certificates (find out more about their services at http://www.bbsplumbandheat.com). Every installer should be carrying an identification card which shows their qualifications and the work they are allowed to do.



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