Designing A Traditional Bathroom

imagesTraditional bathroom designs tend to be more sophisticated and elegant in their design with strong colours and elaborate patterns. They have a period feel inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Choosing a bathroom suite

There are certain elements in a bathroom suite that can make it look more traditional. Here we take a closer look at what is considered traditional when it comes to the design of the toilet, sink and bath:

The toilet

Traditional toilets tend to be either close coupled toilets (also known as one piece designs) which means the toilet is contained in one unit or classic two piece designs which means they have a separate cistern and toilet bowl. A wooden seat can help to add a traditional touch.

The sink

Traditional sinks tend to be either pedestal mounted ceramic basins with trims which are added to give a more decorative feel, or period style ceramic washstands.

The bath

Space permitting, the bath can be made to be the focal point of a traditional bathroom. For larger bathrooms there are a wide range of options available including luxurious free standing baths. For a traditional and elegant style where this plenty of space, choose a free standing, ceramic roll top bath on feet positioned in the centre of the room. There are a number of features available on free standing traditional baths:

Double ended or single ended baths: in single ended baths the plughole and overflow hole are situated at the end of the bath and in double ended baths the plughole and overflow are situated in the middle of the bath on one side. Both of these designs are popular in traditional bathrooms.

Roll top or flat top baths: the edge of a roll top bath is rolled over and the edge of a flat top baths is flat. Roll top baths tend to be more in keeping with a traditional style.

What the bath stands on: free standing baths can stand on feet, a wooden plinth or on the floor. The most traditional of these is ornate ball and claw feet.

There are also a few different traditional styles of free standing baths available including boat, bateau and slipper baths.

  • Boat bath: A boat bath is a double ended, roll top bath that sits on the floor or on a plinth. Boat baths are symmetrical with both ends higher and the lowest part of the bath in the middle
  • Bateau bath: is a boat bath with feet with which often has a roll top and free standing taps
  • Slipper bath (also called a French slipper bath): is a single ended, roll top bath on feet. The head of the bath is higher than the foot of the bath. Slipper baths are very traditional in their design and are make a lovely focal point in period bathroom designs.

Choosing traditional decor

Traditional style Bathrooms Southampton are usually decorated in bold contrasting colours such as deep reds, greens and golds alongside neutral colours such as beige. Bathroom fittings such as cabinets maybe ornate and decorative touches might include chandeliers, decorative mirrors and fine art. Traditional bathrooms tend to have tiled floors, simple brick wall tiles and sinks and baths are usually finished with traditional styled taps.
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