Common mistakes people make with lighting in the bedroom

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and a good portion of that time will be spent in our bedrooms. With that in mind, our bedrooms should be a comforting, relaxing place for us to spend time in, both asleep and awake. Lighting plays a big part in the mood that a room radiates so it is important that we consider how to avoid mistakes that will make the bedroom an unpleasant place to spend time in. This light demonstrates common mistakes that people make with lighting their bedroom, and how to fix it.


Using only one ceiling light

A lot of people will only have the one ceiling light in their bedroom. This is mistake number one. Without even thinking about the aesthetic aspect, it can cause eye problems if you are straining to read or watch TV in overhead lighting with no table lamps. From a purely design point of view, layered lights will create beautiful pools of lighting in the bedroom, which will in turn create a mood of intimacy and draw people in. Lampcommerce offer a range of different lamps and lighting fixtures that will allow you to create a detailed and refined lighting scheme in your bedroom. Consider setting up a small reading area in your bedroom, and getting a table lamp to accompany the area. If you prefer to read in bed, then a wall light above the bedframe may be useful to you.

Not using dimmers

Dimmers make a huge difference to the overall lighting system in a bedroom. By dimming or brightening a lamp, you can completely change the mood of a room. After all, you have two main tasks in a bedroom – waking up to a bright day, and going to sleep in the dark night. Dimmers don’t take up any more room than a regular light switch, and can be customised to match the interior design of the bedroom.

Not putting lights in wardrobe

It can often be a struggle to find what you are looking for in the morning – but it doesn’t have to be that way. The storage units in your bedroom are probably the darkest part, but by simply installing a strip of lights in your wardrobe and drawers it makes the chore of searching for something suitable to wear for the day.

Too much recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is a technique that is typically found in department stores and warehouses – it is a small light that’s installed into a hole in the ceiling, and projects light into every corner. This is a handy type of lighting if you have a large room to light up, but if not used sparingly, it can make a room too harshly light and clinical. Try and limit this kind of lighting to functional areas such as a kitchen or bathroom – bedroom lighting should be flattering, which is something that recessed lighting doesn’t give.

Not making a statement

The bedroom is definitely the place to make a statement with your lighting. A beautiful chandelier or interesting ceiling fixture will transform your bedroom from being a drab pokey room, to a room that you will want to spend all your time in! The Axo light range offers stand out pieces that will add style and glamour to your room. Having a statement light will create a spectacular feature piece that will mean you can spend less time and money on the decoration of the room, as the light will be enough.


Installing a blackout curtain

A heavy duty curtain will block out a lot of natural sunlight. Instead, look for translucent and airy curtains that will allow more sunshine to enter through any windows or doors. You can also look to blinds to create a way for lighting to filter indoors. At night time, the curtains will not be as effective so your lighting can take full effect. It also means you can save energy as you will not need to turn the lights on during the day.

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