What to Look for in a Professional Window Cleaning Service

So, your office windows are looking dirty and in need of cleaning. It’s getting to the point where you’re reluctant to invite clients to the office. You’re ashamed of the grey patches which should be glistening in the sun like all the others. It’s time to call in the professionals. But, how do you know you’re hiring the right people? Don’t worry. Here are a few things you need to look out for to ensure you hire the best commercial window cleaner in your area.


When you’re hiring someone and paying them your hard-earned money to complete a task, you want them to know what they’re doing. Hiring a commercial window cleaner is no different. The job involves more than putting a soapy cloth to a window and hoping for the best. Depending on the building, window cleaning may require a whole host of skills that need to be developed over time. This is where hiring an experience window cleaning company will make all the difference.

Does your building require abseiling for window cleaning? If so, an experienced commercial window cleaning company will know how doing this safely, with the correct equipment, to make sure no harm comes to you, the workers, or your building. It’s small things like this that will make a big difference in the window cleaning service you get.


Different companies will offer different prices for their services. But you’ll want to hire the best quality commercial window cleaner for the most reasonable price. Sometimes a lower price can be appealing, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A suspiciously low cost could mean they’ve skimped out on the quality of the service they provide or the training of their staff. If you think about it, the glass window cleaners work with often costs thousands of pounds. One mistake, and they could cause you to lose thousands of pounds on broken glass, or damaged windows. Is that a risk you want to take?


Window cleaning is a high-risk job. Without the correct insurance cover, one small accident could result in the building owner being responsible for injuries that occur on the property. Insurance is expensive. Commercial window cleaning companies that advertise that they are fully insured shows that they take their business seriously and that they care about their customers. That’s what you want in a window cleaner.

You can check your window cleaning company’s website to see what insurance cover they subscribe to. Or, you can always give them a call to enquire. Any professional company will be more than happy to talk you through the details of the services they provide and the insurance they have to put your mind at ease. If they are not willing to do this, you may need to look for another window cleaner.

Service and quality

Indeed, one of the most important factors when choosing a window cleaning company is the service they provide. A clean image, resulting from brilliant past reviews and a reputation for brilliance, should not go missed in the window cleaning industry. An excellent reputation shows they have a history of providing an excellent service and going that extra mile – cleaning window frames, making sure their customers are satisfied, or providing a loyalty service for regular customers.

Maintain Your HVAC To Save Money

As a homeowner, you are responsible for making sure that the systems that keep your home comfortable and safe are working properly and economically. This is where an HVAC professional comes in. HVAC is short for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.


An HVAC system provides heating during the cold months and air conditioning during the hot times of the year. Often integrated into one system, it is crucial that your home’s HVAC is maintained so it runs as economically as possible and that you drastically lower the chance of unexpected breakdowns and repairs. Here are some ways to maintain your HVAC to save money.


Get on a Schedule


To make sure that you have your HVAC maintenance well in hand, it is necessary to follow a schedule. The government’s EnergyStar program has developed an HVAC maintenance list that recommends checking the cooling system in the spring and the heating system in the early fall. To optimize your HVAC system’s ability to keep you comfortable without breaking the bank, get it tuned up on a yearly basis.

Filter it Out


Even though you will need an HVAC professional to handle equipment checks and system tune-ups, you can do one of the most important maintenance functions on your own. Changing the air filter monthly is not only a necessary action for a homeowner to take to enjoy clean air in the home, it also is crucial to do on an ongoing basis to keep your whole HVAC system running optimally. According to the United States Department of Energy, regularly changing your filter can lead to five to 15 percent less energy consumption by your air conditioning system alone.


Program Your Thermostat


Another great way to save money on heating and cooling costs is to utilize a programmable thermostat. Your home probably already has one, but if it does not, get one installed to save up to 200 dollars a year on energy costs. If you already have a programmable thermostat, make sure that you have it programmed correctly and that it reflects your temperature preferences. For example, it is common to program a lower heating level at night when everyone is sleeping.


Pick Professionals


When you are choosing a service provider to maintain your HVAC system or repair plumbing & HVAC Wilmington heating, you want to make sure that they are experienced in a whole range of services besides maintenance including system replacement, plumbing contractor services, remodeling, and repair.


Have Air Ducts Sealed and Insulated

Remember to ask your HVAC professional if your forced air ducts are sealed and insulated. If they are not, you could improve your HVAC efficiency by approximately 20 percent or more by having the seams of pipes and ducts sealed and wrapping ducts in insulation to regulate their temperature all year long. Prime places for this repair are in the attic, crawlspace, or garage of your home.


With a few alterations of your existing equipment and a set schedule of maintenance tasks, Your HVAC system can keep working hard to keep you comfortable and be able to do it for less.


Bright Spark: Some DIY Electrical Work is Easier Than you Think

If you are planning on doing some DIY work on your property there are some projects that require the services of a professional, but with a bit of know-how, there are plenty of jobs that you can tackle yourself.


Here is a look at the sort of DIY electrical work that you could potentially do without calling in a pro, including an overview of why it can make sense to consider tackling the job yourself, tips on fixing faulty lights, plus the best way to approach fitting another socket in your home.


Follow the rules


You clearly have to be very mindful of safety and the risk of getting a shock when you are working with electrics but it is worth pointing out that there is a lot of logic attached to circuits and methods for fixing something electrical.


Provided you follow a set of tried and tested rules and procedures and take adequate safety precautions before you start doing anything you should be able to spot the obvious logic and work your way through to a conclusion as to why something isn’t working.


Having all the right tools from a site like RS will be essential to the success of your DIY project and the fact that you are not going for a quick-fix with a bit of duct-tape should help you to do a certain amount of electrical work yourself.


It is also worth pointing out that when you take proper precautions such as ensuring the circuit breaker is turned off, you will be reducing the prospect of something going wrong.


Fixing a problem with your lights


A classic example of the sort of electrical work you might consider do yourself would be fixing a broken light fitting or resolving a problem with frequent blowing bulbs.


If your light bulbs keep blowing there are a couple of reasons to consider why that is and it might be that you don’t have to call an electrician to get it fixed.


You could just have faulty light bulbs and a common cause is simply the fact that you are fitting a cheaper bulb that is not up to the job. It is always worth trying a more expensive bulb to see if that fixes the problem and it often works out cheaper, in the long run, to spend more on a bulb.


It could be a loose connection that is making the connection “arc” or something more complicated that is causing a power surge and blowing your bulbs.


Try some of the simple fixes yourself and turn off the power supply before checking whether the wiring is connected properly.


More power options


Another popular electrical DIY project involves adding a new socket to a circuit.


It would be wise to remember that you might be subject to regulations in your area and any new installations may have to be carried out by a certified electrician.


If you are permitted to do the work as the homeowner then you need to check that the circuit has enough spur capacity to add another socket without compromising the load or exceeding capacity.


If you are unsure about any electrical job after reading the instructions and carrying out some checks, it always pays to know your limitations, but there are some DIY tasks that you should be able to do without the need to call a pro.


Tips on how to solve blocked drains on your own


The most common tool to clear a blocked drain is a plunger. Stores sell plungers that are specifically for your toilets or sinks. A plunger is useful if the blockage isn’t too deep in the drain.

Crystal Heat

Crystal Heat is good to use to unclog your drains. While using this product, you must wear gloves, or the acid in it will eat through your skin. After you pour Crystal Heat down the drain, wait a few minutes, and rinse your drain with cold water. Don’t use hot water because it will explode. Crystal Heat is acidic, and it’ll dissolve everything that’s blocking your drain.

Wire Hanger

You can always use a wire hanger to clear blocked drains that aren’t deep down in your pipes. Straighten the wire hanger as straight as you can get it, and create a hook on one end. Using a wire hanger will catch hair and other blockages in your pipes. Don’t push anything down further. Take your time, and pull out the blockages slowly.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you’re looking for a natural method, baking soda and vinegar is the route to go. You’ll need to mix equal amounts of baking soda and vinegar. Once it starts to fizz, pour it down your drain immediately. The fizzing will remove about everything that Crystal Heat removes, and you don’t have to worry about getting burned or anything exploding in the process.


If you have a vacuum that will clear blocked drains, it’s one of the easiest tools you can use without making a mess. You’ll need to set the vacuum to vacuum liquids before you begin. Next, you’ll need to cover up the vent on the vacuum to prevent a mess. You’ll need to create the tightest seal you can over the drain, and you can begin the process. For this to work, you’ll likely need to put the vacuum on its highest setting. Sometimes, a liquid vacuum will work, and sometimes it won’t. It depends on how deep the blockage is.

Boiling Water

Another natural method is to use boiling water to clear clogs in your drain. You’ll need to boil water in a pot, and slowly pour it down the drain to give it time to work. Try to pour the boiling water in three sessions for the best results. If you decide to use this method, just don’t burn yourself.

Drain Snake

A popular method is to snake a drain if all of the previous methods don’t work. All you’ll need is a long, flexible metal rope.

Dish Detergent

Dish detergent is an excellent method to clear a blockage in your toilet. Pour one-fourth cup of dish detergent in the bowl. You’ll need to boil some water as well. The dish detergent will help break any blockage in the toilet drain. Next, you’ll need to pour boiling water in the bowl. Next, use a plunger to do the rest of the work for you.

Caustic Soda

You’ll need rubber gloves and eye protection for this method. Caustic soda can cause severe chemical burns if you don’t use proper protection for your skin and eyes. You can find caustic soda at your local hardware store. First, pour one gallon of cold water in a bucket. Next, add three cups of caustic soda to the water. Now, stir it with a wooden spoon. After you stir it, pour it in the clogged drain. Let it set for about 30 minutes. Next, pour the boiling water down your drain. You may need to repeat this a few times to get it to work.