Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Furniture

Remodeling your kitchen can be a very expensive thing to do. Getting the perfect furniture that fits your taste and provides excellent functionality can cost you a lot, but these items can last a lifetime if carefully selected and taken care of. This is why it is important that you know the things to look out for when getting your kitchen furniture. The three main criteria for picking the perfect kitchen furniture are the following:


One of the most important things you must check is the item’s durability. You want to pick something that would last for years and not waste your money on items that get damaged easily. It is best if you buy from trusted brands that are known for their high-quality products.


A lot of people can get easily swayed with whatever is on trend and tend to buy items based on their appearance. If you want your kitchen furniture to last a lifetime, you must choose comfort over style. Having a beautiful-looking kitchen that does not provide you with the best comfort might force you to remodel the place again after a few months.

Also, pick items that complement each other instead of randomly buying different types of furniture without thinking about your kitchen’s overall look. For example, choose countertops that match your kitchen island and pick cabinets that complement them.



A kitchen can serve different purposes depending on the people using it. A newly wed couple would probably use it less often than a family with kids. When picking the right furniture, keep in mind how often you plan to use your kitchen and what you mainly plan to use it for (baking, cooking, hanging out with friends, etc.).

A regular Köögimööbel often includes countertops, stools, cabinets and drawers, and the kitchen island. Here are a few tips to help you select your kitchen furniture:


When picking a kitchen countertop, you must check if you can cut, chop, or place food and drinks on it without it being easily damaged. Also, check if the material used stains easily. Countertops made of granite are more scratch and heat resistant and easy to maintain. Those that are made of marble or tile needs to be sealed more often.


Steel and plastic stools are the most common options for kitchen use. These are all good choices, but it is advisable to get stools made of timber because they are more versatile and durable. Timber stools work well in almost all kitchen styles without having to compromise quality.

Cabinets and Drawers

There are now a variety of kitchen cabinets available in the market that have different features. Some have pull-out drawers while others use sliding doors. Not all kitchen cabinets have to be made of wood, it all depends on your taste and how you want to use them.

Kitchen Island

It is highly recommended to have a multi-purpose kitchen island built, so you don’t waste any space. Use the bottom parts of the island as additional storage. You can also use the counter as a dining space.

If you’re ready to pick the perfect pieces of furniture for your kicthen, GRANDBER Sisustus offers a wide array of furniture options for you to choose from. Just remember that it is all about choosing different pieces that, when combined, will create the perfect kitchen for you.

Choosing the Right Glassware to Use for Various Drinks

What would a party be without drinks? Whether you love throwing a party in your house, or you are planning to open your own bar, learning about the right glassware to use for specific drinks is important, as this will impress your guests. Here are some of the most common types of glassware to use for specific drinks.

Glassware for Cocktail Drinks

The most popular glassware for cocktail drinks is the cocktail glass. It’s commonly used for cocktails that do not come with ice. Most of these glasses are 3-6 ounces, although there are bigger ones. The large opening of this glass makes it perfect for this kind of drink, as you can easily smell the cocktail’s aroma. Some typical cocktails that use such a glass are the Cosmopolitan and Martini.

Another cocktail glass option is the lowball glass. It’s a short glass that has a thick base. This is often used for cocktails with ice like a White Russian and Negroni. A highball glass is taller than the lowball glass. It is also used to serve cocktails with ice, especially those that contain more non-alcoholic ingredients. This includes, for example, a Mojito or Bloody Mary.

Glassware for Wine

Red wine needs aerating and stirring, which is why a glass for red wine with a rounder and bigger bowl is perfect. One that has a long stem is also ideal, so the drink doesn’t easily warm via the heat from the hand. A flute glass should be used for sparkling wine because it’s thin and tall, making it easier to maintain the bubbles in the drink for a longer time. A white wine glass is not as round as a red wine glass, but not as thin as a flute glass. It also has a smaller opening or mouth than the red wine glass to prevent the wine from quickly oxidizing, thus keeping it light. Wine glassware is available both at local stores and online. Crystal Décor is one of the online stores that sell glassware for various drinks, offering various sizes and designs of glasses.

Glassware for Specialty Drinks

Margaritas can be served in various glasses. However, if you want the classic or traditional way, a margarita glass is the way to go. It has a small base that opens wider at the mouth. A Martini glass is almost like the typical cocktail glass. Its shape is more of a cone and it has a wider mouth. If serving hot cocktails like a Hot Toddy, use an Irish coffee glass. This is made specifically for hot drinks, as it is resistant to heat. It also comes with a handle to easily hold it.

The right glassware will add to the overall experience of your guests, so it would be a good decision to invest in a variety of glasses for different drinks.