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Why Sky Crossing is the Ideal Location to Move To

A new master planned community in north Phoenix has opened, offering luxurious home and endless resort-style amenities. The location of the new Sky Crossing community is ideal, sitting in the heart of the Sonoran desert and surrounded by the beautiful city of Phoenix.

Impressive Amenities

The gated community has an impressive list of onsite amenities like a community center, a fitness center with state of the art equipment, a full-size basketball court, a pool with a beach entry, splash pads, playgrounds, fire pits and barbeques. All of the amenities are available for the residents to use. On top of the state of the art equipment offered at the fitness center, it also has televisions, weekly classes and a private studio. There are plenty of ramadas and places to lounge around the pool, including shaded areas. The new homes in Phoenix are also family and pet friendly with pocket parks and grassy areas throughout the community.

The home amenities are just as impressive as the onsite amenities. The homes are designed and built by Pulte Homes and Taylor Morrison. They both offer a wide variety of floor plans to choose from ranging from 2 bedrooms to 7 bedrooms. All of the homes come with only the best and stylish features and fixtures. From one to two story options, the homes are complete with culinary style kitchens, large garages, covered patios and high end appliances. Plus, the stunning views of the beauty of the Arizona desert is right in your backyard.

Appealing Area in the Valley

The Valley of the Sun is known for their great weather year round. It can get hot during the summer months, but you can cool off in the comfort of your new home or lounge around the community pool. There are also plenty of spots to travel to in the northern part of the state that are much cooler in the summer and only about 2 hours away! The sunshine is usually shining year round, with the occasional rain showers during the Monsoon season. During these months, usually from July to September, you can experience some of the most spectacular lightning shows and watercolor skies. The winter months cool down and are the perfect time of year to stroll through the neighborhood and take advantage of the many onsite pocket parks. The Arizona sunsets are also out of this world and can be enjoyed while sitting on your porch or exploring the area. There are also a handful of trails near the north Phoenix new homes for sale. The hiking trails are full of wildflowers and cactus, giving you a breathtaking view of the desert.

Nearby Attractions

There is always something to do in Phoenix and at Sky Crossing, you won’t be far from any of it. The community is conveniently located near the freeways to help you get all over the city. Just down the road you can find the Musical Instrument Museum, Desert Ridge Marketplace, the Odysea Aquarium, Top Golf, Talking Stick Resort & Casino, the Butterfly Wonderland and a number of bowling alleys and movie theatres to choose from. Phoenix is also known for their professional sports teams being home to the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns and Arizona Coyotes, so there is always a game to attend. The city also attracts festivals and events year round like concerts from top artists including Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake, Spring Training in March, golf tournaments and food festivals like the Taco Festival in October. If you like to shop, there are plenty of options nearby from high-end to more practical stores like Target and Barnes and Noble.

Home Resale – Get the Look to Turn Heads

Whether you are a homeowner looking for cost-effective solutions to presenting your home on the market, or whether you are a buy-to-let landlord looking for long term options to suit the regular demand on a high level of property presentation to help secure tenants, there is one question that you may have repeatedly asked yourself: is home staging worth it?

What is Home Staging?

People don’t live in show homes. The show home setup is not the finished practical article. So why do potential buyers respond more positively to show home setups (or ‘home staging’) when browsing the market? The simple answer is that home staging delivers an intensely appealing hint at how a professional interior design approach could make the best use of space and perspective. This engaging ‘template’ approach encourages buyers to better understand what is on offer, and how they could impose their style. Intrigued? Check out home staging by Emblem Furniture for concepts that underline the significance of presentation.

Why is Home Staging Important if Buyers Change the Furniture Anyway?

Home staging is not about selling the look of a particular house when complete with a particular couch, table, and lamp combo. Home staging is about communicating value. Now, it is important to mention that a house valued at £250,000 cannot leap in value to £400,000 thanks to a professionally lit photo of a well-placed potted plant. Nor should a seller wish to achieve this leap – a buyer looking for a £400,000 home will not be interested in a £250,000 street. Instead, home staging should be looked upon as a chance to fulfil and promote a property’s potential at a glance. Why should this be a consideration? Because buyers will first view your property online.

Imagine flicking through a selection of properties online, only to see image after image of samey looking family homes. Wide screen TV. Block colour feature wall (usually blue). Couch with built in docking station. A small lawn and a featureless downstairs bathroom. It’s all very nice. But it’s all very average. At this point the buyer will be led away from the visual appeal and will begin to consider how other factors such as commuter time and proximity to main roads may help to sway their decision.

Now imagine coming across images of a stunning dining room that looks lifted straight from a 5-star restaurant guide. What about a bedroom that looks more presidential suite than the basics of a clean but boring bed and breakfast? And let’s not forget a living room that looks ready to receive royalty, as compared to a candid snap of a living space cluttered with children’s toys and a mismatched coffee table atop a light-sapping black rug.

Downsize Your Style

As part of your preparations for home staging, attempt to strip away any unneeded furniture. Let the potential buyer see the space. Highlights like flowers, ornamental pieces, and mirrors should be used sparingly. Place the emphasis on the positive attributes of your home, like keeping the space clean and open in a large hallway or making the best use of light in a kitchen diner. There’s no telling how much value a professional staged job could add, but you are better placed to guarantee the asking price of your property with hired help from home staging professionals.

How New Condos Compare to Older Condos: Making the Right Choice

It does seem like new condos in Montreal are cropping up everywhere these days, as developers are trying to take advantage of the huge demand. But are you sure you want to get a condo in a new building, rather than an older condo instead? While a new condo does offer several distinct advantages, older condos do have their own special kind of charm.

Here are some factors you may want to consider if you’re unsure whether to pick a new or old condo for your next home:


For this purpose, newer condos are decidedly a better option for you, since you’ll get the latest and newest innovations for heating and air conditioning. Most of the time, the HVAC units as well as the wiring and piping are much more energy-efficient. Besides, the appliances are often new as well.

With older units, you may want to check whether the HVAC system has been properly maintained and renovated recently. What you don’t want is an HVAC system that’s due for replacement. That can be very expensive, plus it can cause a lot of inconvenience.

Available Amenities

Many condo units these days offer many types of amenities to differentiate themselves from the competition. That’s why newer condo buildings have fitness centers, swimming pools, and private parking for each unit. Others may have lounge areas for residents to hang out and relax, and some may even have spas so the residents can get regular massages.

These are the amenities that are often lacking in older condo buildings. Most of the time, you get private parking and that’s it. Sometimes it’s just a parking lot reserved for residents so you can park anywhere that’s open.

Closet Space

Modern condo designers have finally recognized the fact that many condo residents require storage space. That’s why the most recently built condos these days tend to feature large closets with lots of space for your stuff. Now you don’t have to hunt for various storage space solutions for your cramped condo unit.

When the older condos were built, this need for bigger closets wasn’t yet recognized by the designers. That’s why a lot of these older units only come with a few closets. The closets they do contain are also often very small. This was a design decision to create more living space, but of course modern condo buyers now tend to prioritize the presence of large closets for all their clothes and possessions.


Modern condo designers have made it a point to make sure that units these days are very efficient in their use of space. Lots of condos today are small, so designers have made sure that just about every square inch has been maximized for use.

On the other hand, this tendency to prioritize space-efficiency has resulted in rather blander and sometimes even downright boring designs. Also, it’s like every new unit seems to look alike. It’s like modern cars—they’re all aerodynamic, but they seem to look very similar to each other.

With older units, you can have many different types of layouts to choose from, and some of them can be rather unusual. You may find nice areas like foyers that many modern condo designers have abandoned since they’re not exactly efficient in their use of space.

Ceiling Height

Have you noticed that many new condos have ceilings that are just 8 feet high? This is again because of the emphasis on efficient use of space. It can feel a bit cramped. Older units generally have ceilings that are much higher and they tend to feel more open.

So overall, these new condos do bring a lot to the table, with more amenities, more efficient HVAC systems, and the maximized use of space. But then the older units do have their own charm.

3 Reasons Why High-End Residences in Downtown Montreal are the Best Picks in the Local Housing Market

The sale of high-end residences in Downtown Montreal is gaining a lot of momentum as of late. Sales for condominium units and serviced suites have more than doubled from 2016, making experts excited about all the possibilities such trends can bring. After years of stagnating, this upsurge in demand for upscale housing is certainly a welcome change.

Despite this fortunate turn of events, there are still a few naysayers who think that the local luxury housing market just got lucky. While the recent changes in real estate tax regulations in Toronto and Vancouver may have had an effect on the sales increase of properties in Montreal, this isn’t the only reason why the luxury residences in the area are selling well.

Montreal’s deluxe properties have so much to offer to local and foreign investors. These are the very reasons why they stand out in the local housing market and why they’re selling rather well. Interested in what these reasons are? Here are three of the best ones:

Advantageous Downtown Location

It can be said that high-end residences are the pinnacle of urban living because not much else can beat their central locations. Most of the finest upscale properties in Montreal are found on the equally extravagant Golden Square Mile. Not only is this neighborhood situated right next to where everything happens downtown, but it’s also one of the most historically affluent sections in the city. These posh suites and serviced apartments are carrying on the heritage of the area by opening their doors to more wealthy residents.

Besides its upscale nature, the downtown location of these deluxe properties will also put you in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. The Golden Square Mile still has a few of the mansions built during its heyday, giving it a classic elegance that’s hard to find elsewhere in the world.

Options are Plenty

Another good reason why upscale residences are selling so well is the abundance of options available. There has been an overwhelming development done to downtown Montreal in the past few years, as entrepreneurs rush in to tap the growing economy of the city. The high number of structures being built alarmed a few industry experts at some point. They even thought that the market will be oversaturated after their completion of all these complexes.

Today, a few years after someone predicted the downturn of the real estate demands for Montreal, it’s safe to say that things took an entirely different direction. What they thought would cause a crisis is now contributing greatly to the local economy.

5-Star Hotel Experience

One of the most notable things about the high-end residences in Downtown Montreal is the fact that they’re created by some of the biggest and most revered names in the hospitality industry. With the Ritz-Carlton being a pioneer in the city, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that they’re among the first to make the subtle shift in extending their 5-star hospitality to those who want to stay for good in the hotel. The Four Seasons is also about to follow suit as its hotel and residences are now under construction.

Aside from the full-service, the amenities are also worth signing up for. Living in these upscale residences will provide easy access to some of the best fitness and recreation centers. Security and privacy are highly valued and a highly-trained staff will always be available to provide assistance. A swanky restaurant and bar will also be available, making things more convenient for residents.

If there’s any doubt about Montreal’s swanky residences being well worth the investment, these three reasons should dispel any hesitations about their great offers. These properties can definitely be the best picks in the local housing market and they will continue to be such as long as the property managers are willing to go above and beyond for their clients.

Looking for a Library Room in Real Estate Listings

Ask a book lover for a description of their dream home, and you may invariably hear about their desire to have their own little library. Some of these homebuyers even make it a point to look for a specifically designated library when they pore over real estate listings in Quebec City. If you’re such a person and you do want to make sure that there’s a room in your future home that can work as your library room, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Is it big enough? It’s true that size matters, at least when libraries are concerned. You don’t just need enough space for your books, but also room for you to move about so you can browse and find the book you want. You should also remember that if you’re a real book lover then you’re going to continue buying books, so you need space to grow. At the same time, you also need enough space for your furniture. That means enough room for a comfy chair, as well as a desk if you’re going to use this room for study or work projects.

  2. Is the room in the right place? You don’t really want a library in the attic or bedroom, or any place where there’s high humidity. The humidity levels can wreak havoc on your books and they will eventually warp.

The right room also shouldn’t have too much sun as well. The UV rays can also damage your books. If you do have a fantastic library room except the sun shines too brightly through the windows, you should check if you can use heavy drapes while you still feel comfortable inside.

  1. Can the floor support the weight? You may think a single book doesn’t weigh much, but a stack of books can be very heavy. With a library, we’re talking about a large number of books that can truly weigh a whole lot. That’s why most libraries are on the ground floor, because the foundation can better handle the weight than the floor on a higher level of the house.

If in fact the library in the home you’re considering is on the 2nd floor, ask if a contractor has seen and checked over the floor to see if it’s able to support all the books as well as the furniture. If not, then it’s a potential disaster just waiting to happen.

  1. How’s the lighting? You will need to pay attention to the lighting scheme in your library. It’s not just about being able to read a book in your favorite spots in the room. It’s also about being able to see the books when you’re looking for a particular volume. It’s going to be weird if you need a flashlight as you walk around the bookshelves. You should be able to read the titles on the spines without any sort of flashlight.

  2. How do you access the books? Sometimes books are located in higher level shelves that may require a ladder. This can make the room feel cramped unless it’s very spacious. Also, the books may have to be dusted regularly, and that can be a pain if you need to use a ladder for each section of the library.

Books on the lowest level of some books shelves may also require you to sit or even kneel down so you can look at the titles on the spine. This can also be annoying, and it can reduce the pleasure you feel in your library.

It’s true that you can avoid all these problems with a mobile device and digital copies of books, since a single device can contain enough memory for 10,000 volumes. But there’s no denying the simple pleasure of reading an actual book.

What You Should Know About Building Your First Home

Building your first home can be an exciting experience for everyone involved. It is a sign that you are making an investment in your future. This is why such an endeavour can’t be taken lightly. Of course, if this is your first time managing such a project, you may find that you have to juggle numerous decisions and tasks all at once. Still, it is important for you to understand the fundamentals behind your house building venture. It is only then that you will be able to ensure that the development is a success and that the end result is an exact mirror of your expectations. Here are the basics that you should be aware of:

You Should Budget Ahead of Time

One of the reasons that house building can be such a stressful period for people is because they haven’t budgeted properly. This is not an undertaking that you can simply walk into without knowing all of the facts. One of the most important things that you should be aware of is how much the project is going to cost you. To do this, you need to factor in all of the relevant elements. This includes the labour force, the materials, and various particulars involved with the construction of the house. You should also have some excess savings that you can tap into if there are some unexpected expenses along the way. More often than not, you will find that there are additional costs when building a house. Therefore, it is best to be prepared.

You Have to Employ Wisely

One of the most important weapons in your arsenal when it comes to creating your own house is your builders. These are the individuals who will be with you from start to finish and will be responsible for most of the construction aspects. This is why it is vital that you choose the company wisely. It is best to stick with businesses that have made a name for themselves in the industry, much like Fairhaven homes builder. This way, you will be able to have complete faith in their ability to do their job. In addition to hiring people with experience, you should also employ individuals that you are comfortable with. This will make it easier to construct your dream house according to plan.

Think About the Future

If you are building a house, there is a good chance that you will be spending the next ten years or so in the same residence. Thus, it will not to do focus on the present alone. For instance, at this point, it may just be you and your spouse. This doesn’t mean, though, that you will not expand your family to include a couple of children in the future. So, it is a good idea to sit down and discuss what the next few years will hold for you, as homeowners. You will then be able to construct a house that is more in tune with your current and future requirements.

Don’t Forget to Customise

Even if you are following a pre-planned design, you should be able to make a few alterations here and there. You should take advantage of this opportunity to build a house as close to your dream home as possible. This could include a special wardrobe, more kitchen space, or any other feature that you can think of. These little details is what will make the house more special to you.

These are all of the important information that you should know prior to building a house.

3 Things to Consider when Looking for an Appropriate Student Apartment

Is your child finally leaving your home for university? If yes, the first thing you need to settle is the apartment. He must be in a place that is comfortable. This is true if your child is used to a comfortable life. You can’t just ask him to move to a new place that is way different. Besides, the goal is for him to do well in college. Having a comfortable room to stay in would definitely help in achieving his academic goals. It doesn’t hurt if you spend a bit more so he can have a good life during college.

  1. Location

Most universities have dormitories. They are cheaper. There are problems that come with them though. To begin with, your child will be asked to stay with another student. This person will be a total stranger. You don’t want your child to stay with a person he doesn’t trust. They might have personality differences. Another problem is that dormitories are usually loud. Students stay up late. They even have parties while they are there. Again, this is not something that your child will want if he is serious about university.

Find an apartment near the university area that is easily accessible. It might be located slightly away from the campus. It might be quieter and you might have an option of renting an entire room just for him.

  1. Safety

You won’t be there to check on your child all the time. You don’t want to drive to the university every now and then to do so. This is why you need to focus on safety. This is something you can’t compromise on. The apartment must have security cameras and security guards. There should also be secure locks. This will allow you to sleep better at night, knowing that your child is totally safe.

  1. Accessibility

Aside from its accessibility to the university, you also need to find an apartment that has access to other facilities like hospitals, department stores, train stations and a library. They are key in making your child’s university life more comfortable. You don’t want him to have a hard time with his personal life just because the place is totally remote or difficult to access.

Once you have found the right apartment, you will feel more better. It also goes without saying that the place should have a nice bed and other facilities that will make your child feel more comfortable. Of course, you are not trying to spoil your child. Just don’t forget it is his first time living away from home and you want him to still have the best life has to offer. If the university is near or in Edinburgh, check this link for more information: www.edinburghpearlapartments.co.uk.