Become a Construction Project Manager

Construction project management combines the skills need in the construction industry with more traditional responsibilities of project management. Construction projects are notorious for constantly changing and shifting. To be successful, you need a wide range of skills and abilities. It requires the management of diverse teams and projects. You need to juggle budgeting, finance, scheduling, conflict, organization and legal issues. Project managers have a lot on their plants and need to keep a clear and level head at all times.


Construction Project Management


Project management is the ability to direct and coordinate human and material resources through the life of a project. This is achieved by using modern management techniques. Projects typically have a predetermined cost, time and quality. It is your job to maintain these objectives during the scope of the project. Construction project managers oversee different types of construction projects. These may include agriculture, residential, commercial, environmental or industrial jobs. Communication, problem-solving and construction knowledge are just a few of the skills necessary to be successful in this field.


Construction Project Manager’s Role


Your job as the project manager is to keep the project moving forward within the confines of the plan. You make sure the resources are available for each leg of the project. You make sure workers are present and doing their jobs. You have your finger on the pulse of the project, making sure everyone and everything stays on track. You make sure the project finishes on time and within budget. This means you also need to make sure your team follows building codes, plans and specs so you don’t run into trouble down the road. Responsibilities may include


  •        Planning,
  •        Cost management,
  •        Quality management,
  •        Safety management,
  •        Contract administration,
  •        Time management and
  •        Construction management professional practices.


Education and Training


Construction project managers enter their role through academic or vocation. You usually need a formal qualification in building and construction or construction management. Completing at least one course in project management can increase your odds of securing a job. There are many schools and universities that offer degrees in construction project management. Many individuals work for a number of years in building and construction positions before moving up the ranks.


Earning a project management degree online is a great way to get an education while gaining skills in the field. Because this construction project management requires knowledge of both construction and project management, it perfect program to take in tandem with a construction project. Online degrees allow more freedom and schedule flexibility. This allows you to work and go to school. By earning your degree from the comforts of home, you reduce the time needed to commute back and forth to campus. Once you earn your degree, you will have gained a working knowledge of construction as well as good project management skills. This will allow you to fast track to a management position.


What to Expect


Construction project managers need


  •        Knowledge and experience in the construction industry,
  •        Team management skills,
  •        The ability to work effectively under pressure,
  •        Flexibility,
  •        Excellent communication skills and
  •        Effective time management skills.


Construction managers use computers and data management software to aid them in their role. Familiarity with technologies and building techniques in the construction industry are a must. Because software plays a big role in construction management, individuals in this role mainly work from an office. Despite putting in a lot of time behind a desk, construction managers need to visit the sights of projects they are managing. Checking up on your team helps you better keep the project on track.


Construction project management is a great field to pursue especially if you have a background in construction. Although some people are able to work their way up the ranks, the fastest track to management is by earning a degree. Online programs allow you to earn a paycheck working on a construction site while learning the techniques required for effective project management.