Bathroom Makeover Magic: Finishing Touches That Make All the Difference

When most people think about renovating the bathroom, they think about the big things – like ripping out the tub and replacing it with a stylish Jacuzzi or peeling the wallpaper off the walls and replacing it with modern wood tiles. What often gets lost in the shuffle are the small finishing touches that can make or break a project.


Even the most costly bathroom remodeling project can benefit from these simple and inexpensive finishing touches. Whether you are currently in the midst of a bathroom remodeling project or just in the planning stages, here are some finishing touches that can pull your newly renovated bathroom together and make it look its best.

 Creating the Wow Factor

We have all heard about the wow factor – that special something that makes people sit up and take notice. If you want your bathroom remodeling project to have that wow factor, just think about how this collection or that collection will impact the overall look and feel of the room.

Sometimes it is the tiniest things that make a difference. You already know that replacing your old bathroom vanity with a brand new modern model will make the room look great, but you may be able to get the same result with a simple faucet update. Today’s faucets are stylish, practical and long-lasting, so this simple bathroom upgrade could last a lifetime.

Replace Your Worn Out Toilet

The toilet may not be the most attractive part of your bathroom, but it is one of the most important. Modern toilet design has come a long way, so replacing your old worn out toilet with a brand new model could change the entire look and feel of the room.

From sleep one-piece toilet designs to low-flow options that save water and save you money, there are many unique styles to choose from. Replacing the toilet is not difficult or expensive, and if you choose a water-saving option the replacement could actually save you money in the long run.

Build Task Lighting Into Your Design

If your home is an older model, it was probably built with harsh fluorescent lighting. That lighting is certainly bright, but it is definitely not complimentary or conducive to doing your makeup, shaving and other bathroom necessities.

That is why so many homeowners are using dedicated task lighting in their bathroom renovations. From bright LED globe lights to hanging lights and even upscale chandeliers, there are plenty of ways to light up your bathroom in style.

Enjoy a More Invigorating Shower

If you are updating your bathroom, do not forget about the comfort of your family. One of the simplest yet most effective upgrades you can do is replacing your old showerhead. If the kids complain about water pressure when washing their hair, simply replacing the showerhead with a more robust model could silence those complaints.

Modern showerhead designs are also designed to save water, so the replacement could pay for itself in lower bills month after month. These water saving showerhead designs do not compromise comfort or water pressure, so there is no reason not to make the change.

Jon Eldridge has experience as a buyer for a hardware chain and likes to share his tips and suggestions for DIY enthusiasts. He is a regular contributor for a variety of home and lifestyle websites.

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