Basket floor – performance is key

If you are on the lookout for easy to install basket floors, you have arrived at the right place. Danish brand Junckers creates high-quality sports floors designed for a quick and painless installation. In fact, installing Junckers sports floors such as basket floors takes about 1/3 of the time compared to the installation time of regular sports floors. And that is no even the most brilliant part – the floors can be sanded down to look new over and over again, hence, the surface will look like new at all times creating the best conditions for players of all sports. Junckers is specialized in the field of basketball floors and has provided floors for large Universities and Olympic venues.

What to look out for when choosing basket flooring

It requires a little bit of knowledge to choose the right basketball floor, so are you interested in purchasing a basket floor keep on reading as this article will go through the different qualities of basket flooring and why they are important. Additionally, you will be introduced to the great reasons to purchase a basket floor from Junckers.

Performance and floor safety

When buying basket floors, you should be aware of

  • Friction because slippery floors or floors that are too rough can cause unnecessary injuries.
  • Rolling load because the floors’ ability to withstand heavy loads is important when using the basket floors for multiple purposes.
  • Vertical deformation because the floor’s ability to absorb shock plays a role in minimizing injuries after jumps as the floor absorbs the impact of the person jumping.
  • Ball bounce because great ball bounce increases control of the ball and enhances the speed of the game.

All of these points play a role in the athletes’ performances. If these things are in order, it makes it possible for the athletes to perform their very best every time they enter the court.

A great reason to purchase Junckers basket floors

Junckers’ hardwood basket floors have a surface out of the ordinary. It is easy to maintain and is extremely hardwearing resulting in an incredibly long lifespan. It is low maintenance and easy to repair – it can even be sanded down to look new. Furthermore, it is super easy to install and come pre-packaged from Danish factories. It is super stable and is ready for immediate use – so what is not to like.