Adding a Laundry Room to Your Home

Having a room specifically for Laundry can surprisingly be one of the most useful and practical features to a home. There’s nothing more frustrating than having heaps of laundry with very little room to do what you need to do. From separating your laundry into colours and materials, to then washing each pile, you then have to dry the laundry which then leads you on to your ironing and folding stage. Doing the laundry can end up being a mammoth task dependant on the number of people living in your household, and a dedicated space to peacefully complete this task can be very much appreciated. As your laundry room is not one of the main rooms of the house, and you probably won’t have many people going in there, you don’t have to worry about spending too much on the design, as long as you have a practical and functional layout then you’re good to go.


The first thing to consider when choosing exactly how you want your laundry room to look and work is deciding exactly what you need. Laundry rooms are usually a smaller space, and this therefore means that space is key. Utilising your space is so important to ensure you get the most out of your laundry room and designing a space that will have everything you need will ensure you can do this. A very popular layout has developed, creating a practical and functional area for you to do your laundry. Many laundry rooms today have adapted to the design by placing their Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer tucked neatly into a unit space, which can be purchased at very little cost. Adding a worktop area for you to fold your laundry also works really well, with many laundry rooms also including a sink for any hand washing that may need to be done. Where you place your Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer in the units, you can look to purchase some replacement kitchen doors, this way you can add some style and character to your laundry room without spending lots of money on a complete unit set. If you have space, you may want to add a cupboard space for storing your Airer, Ironing Board and Iron etc. This will enable you to keep your space free whenever you’re not using these items, as they can often take up quite a lot of space.

Once you’ve got your main features in your laundry room you can start to think about what essential items you may need to include to help with the laundry process. Your storage space will help you to keep items in place and tidy, for example a cupboard or shelving space to keep your detergents, fabric softeners and strain removers in one place. Having an organised space will simply make the laundry process quicker and easier for you or whoever is carrying out the task at the time. Adding other items such as hangers and a rail to hang up any clothing that needs to be aired. Similarly, you may want to have a shelving unit for towels or cloths.

Your laundry room is somewhere you can focus fully on getting your laundry done properly, and the perfect thing is you can always leave things and go back to them, it’s not like the laundry is all over the kitchen! It is a really good idea to incorporate some fresh scents to the room, as even though the laundry itself will smell fresh and clean, it’s nice to add some extra scents to add to the overall aroma. Candles or Incense are a great way to inject some extra smells to the room without going over the top. Keeping your laundry room fresh and clean is obviously important, and those small additions will help you to do this!

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