4 Ways to Prevent Pests From Invading Self-Storage Spaces in Your Home

As a homeowner, one of the many domestic battles you probably face is the problem of clutter. Piles of books, medical and tax files and other papers that take up space, winter clothes, and extra blankets and linens all vie for space in your home and eventually, you must store them away in the attic, basement, or garage. While this can reduce clutter around your home, your stored items may become vulnerable to a variety of pests, such as roaches, mice, and fabric-eating moths. However, there are several preventative steps you can take to keep your belongings pest free.


1.     Trim Back Trees and Shrubs

If you are storing clothes or books in the overhead rafters of your garage, one of the most effective ways to keep pests away is to trim back branches and shrubs that might give insects and rodent pets access to the space. Many of these pests can crawl or jump from trees or bushes to the exterior of your garage, where they might find a way in. Cutting off access routes may help keep your stored belongings safer.

2.     Use Plastic Containers With Snap-On Lids

While you might find it convenient and inexpensive to use cardboard boxes when it comes to storing your belongings, this may increase the odds of them being ruined. In fact, using cardboard boxes to store clothing or stacks of paper may even attract certain pests, such as cockroaches. These insects will eat almost anything and are especially fond of the glue that holds boxes and book bindings together. However, you can discourage them and cut off a potential food source by using clear, thick plastic tubs with snap-tight lids to store these types of belongings.

3.      Have Your Home Professionally Treated

When you plan to store your belongings in the attic or basement of your home, one of the most effective ways to keep bugs and rodents from invading them is to have your home treated by a professional pest prevention company. When pests cannot gain a foothold on your property, they cannot multiply, nest, and spread disease near your family or cause widespread destruction.

If you are concerned about the use of pesticides around your family, a home sealing company is a viable option for pest control, as these companies use a variety of techniques to seal off any spaces where pests may enter. This is especially useful if you plan to storm items in the long term, as it will keep away potentially harmful pests, such as venomous spiders and scorpions, and prevent them from making their home there.

4.     Check Your Gutters

Checking your gutters may not be an obvious way to keep pests away from your stored belongings, but when gutters clog or leak and create a consistent water source for insects and rodents, you may quickly see the correlation. This is especially important if you plan to store items in the garage. Have your gutters checked at least once a year and keep an eye out for any kind of moisture around your property that might attract pests into your storage spaces.

Storing items on your property can present a challenge when it comes to keeping away destructive pests. However, with a few preventative measures, you can keep your items looking new as the day you put them away.

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