4 Décor Ideas for Exposed Plumbing Pipes

Few things are as satisfying as decorating a new home. Even today’s millennials, who are known for their thrift, are spending money on home décor, according to one 2017 survey. However, home décor is not without its challenging, especially when it comes to hiding common household eyesores, such as exposed plumbing pipes. Since these cannot be moved or put behind a wall without some major renovation, another option is to get creative with a few easy design tips for hiding them or blending them into your home’s unique décor plan.


1.      Faux Wood Pipe Covers


Using repurposed wood is a popular current design trend, and you can treat your exposed plumbing pipes to match with faux pipe covers. These adhesive strips wrap around almost any size pipe and give them the appearance of wood without the expense of constructing real wooden pipe covers. These covers can be found at home improvement or large craft stores.


2.      Sink Skirts


Hiding exposed pipes in your bathroom can be accomplished in a few different ways, but if you are on a tight decorating budget, consider sink skirts instead of cabinetry. Not only is this cheaper than having cabinets installed, you can choose from a huge variety of colors and fabric to match almost any décor. Vintage sink skirts are a fine choice if you are trying to achieve that rustic, charming feel for your powder room.


While sink skirts are relatively simple to create and install, you may want to take your time with choosing a fabric. Consider those that are simple to clean yet rugged enough to last, such as a thick cotton or cotton canvas. While you might have to replace a skirt eventually, you are likely to get a lot of use out of it when it is made of a long-lasting material.


3.      Chrome Paint


If you yearn for the vintage look of copper piping, you need look no further than your local paint supply store. Painting your exposed pipes with chrome shades of copper, silver or even gold can enhance your décor and make them part of the aesthetic. Copper pipes can brighten up small spaces like your bathroom or a kitchenette. Before you begin, you may want to consult plumbing repair services to ensure your current pipes are safe to paint and that they are in good working order.


4.      Invest in Climbing Plants


Indoor plants can enhance your décor and beautify almost any space, but climbing plants and vines make an especially useful choice if you are trying to conceal exposed plumbing pipes. Ivy, jasmine, and purple heart plants are all climbing or creeping plants that can be grown and kept indoors. If you have pets, ask your local gardening shop which of these are safe to keep around curious cats or young dogs.


One other factor to consider when buying a climbing plant is how much sunlight it will need to grow properly. Think about where your pipes are in relation to your home’s windows and take photos to show your local nursery experts so they can help you make the best possible choice.


Your home’s exposed plumbing pipes can throw off your home’s décor aesthetic. However, with a little creative thinking and some inexpensive materials, you can make them fit right in.