3 Reasons to Switch to Smart Tech for Your Home Security

All anyone wants, and what we all deserve, is to feel safe in our own home. Unfortunately, most of us don’t. A lot of people lie in bed at night, unable to fall asleep because they’re still going through a mental checklist of doors they needed to lock and whether the alarm is set. If you’re one of those people, consider installing some smart tech to beef up your home security so you can finally get some sleep.

Extra Security

The main purpose of a smart home security system is that it’s more secure. Most smart systems are wireless, so there aren’t any wires to cut to disable alarms or cameras. As far as the alarm system goes, you could go for fingerprint scanning, to really limit who can access your home, but a code should suffice. A smart alarm will send you notifications when someone disables the alarm, so if someone does manage to get hold of your keys and alarm code, you’ll still know when your house is accessed.

If you find yourself coming home late, and hate walking into a dark house, or driving into a dark yard, you don’t need to. Pull out your phone before you head inside and switch on a few lights. You can also set your lights to come on at a certain time, so you know they’ll be on when you get home. This is also a bonus if you go away for a few days. Set certain lights to come on and go off at normal times, so it looks like someone’s home, rather than leaving them on permanently.

Peace of Mind

With smart tech, you don’t have to be at home to know your home is safe. You can check whether the alarm is on, and whether anyone’s been in or out from your smartphone. It also means you aren’t turning around half way to work because you forgot to arm the alarm – you can do it remotely. If you think you might have forgotten to lock the front door, or close the garage, you can check on whatever’s concerning you from your phone or computer, and if you did forget, lock it remotely. You can also access video surveillance from anywhere, watch it live or review the footage, which is stored on a cloud server.

Energy Savings

Lights don’t use a whole lot of power, but you will save a little by programming them to come on only when you need them, and stay off the rest of the time. Your thermostat is another story. Heating, or cooling a home takes a lot of power. If nobody’s home all day, it doesn’t make sense to keep the house warm all day. Turn your thermostat down an hour or so before you leave – it’ll keep warm until you’re gone – and set it to warm up again an hour or two before you head home. The same applies when you go on vacation, you can come home to a warm house, without paying to heat it while you aren’t there.

If you’re still not convinced about smart tech, look at some reviews for Alder home security systems to get a first-hand account.