November 2019

Basket floor – performance is key

If you are on the lookout for easy to install basket floors, you have arrived at the right place. Danish brand Junckers creates high-quality sports floors designed for a quick and painless installation. In fact, installing Junckers sports floors such as basket floors takes about 1/3 of the time compared to the installation time of regular sports floors. And that is no even the most brilliant part – the floors can be sanded down to look new over and over again, hence, the surface will look Read more [...]

6 Reasons People Buy Luxury Homes

No matter if the housing market drops or rises, there will always be people that are in a place in their lives to purchase a luxury home. This is especially true of the young, dual income couples that are looking for more than a standard home with a tiny yard. For some people, having a luxury home has many benefits that can not be found by living in the typical home in the average neighborhood. Here are six reasons people buy luxury homes. 1. Genuine Comfort The luxury homes built today by a specialized Read more [...]