November 2017

Gift Ideas For Your Artistic Friend

We all have that one friend who’s notoriously difficult to shop for. Now that the holiday season is approaching, it’s time to start considering what you’ll get that tricky friend. If yours is a lover of all things artistic and creative, you’ll definitely want to find a gift that’s unique and thoughtful, not a generic store-bought option. Use one of these creative gift ideas to make sure they feel loved. Unique antiques: Artistic people usully like their homes to reflect their imaginative Read more [...]

How New Condos Compare to Older Condos: Making the Right Choice

It does seem like new condos in Montreal are cropping up everywhere these days, as developers are trying to take advantage of the huge demand. But are you sure you want to get a condo in a new building, rather than an older condo instead? While a new condo does offer several distinct advantages, older condos do have their own special kind of charm. Here are some factors you may want to consider if you’re unsure whether to pick a new or old condo for your next home: HVAC For this purpose, newer Read more [...]

3 Reasons Why High-End Residences in Downtown Montreal are the Best Picks in the Local Housing Market

The sale of high-end residences in Downtown Montreal is gaining a lot of momentum as of late. Sales for condominium units and serviced suites have more than doubled from 2016, making experts excited about all the possibilities such trends can bring. After years of stagnating, this upsurge in demand for upscale housing is certainly a welcome change. Despite this fortunate turn of events, there are still a few naysayers who think that the local luxury housing market just got lucky. While the recent Read more [...]

Looking for a Library Room in Real Estate Listings

Ask a book lover for a description of their dream home, and you may invariably hear about their desire to have their own little library. Some of these homebuyers even make it a point to look for a specifically designated library when they pore over real estate listings in Quebec City. If you’re such a person and you do want to make sure that there’s a room in your future home that can work as your library room, you need to consider the following factors: Is it big enough? It’s true Read more [...]

3 Reasons to Switch to Smart Tech for Your Home Security

All anyone wants, and what we all deserve, is to feel safe in our own home. Unfortunately, most of us don’t. A lot of people lie in bed at night, unable to fall asleep because they’re still going through a mental checklist of doors they needed to lock and whether the alarm is set. If you’re one of those people, consider installing some smart tech to beef up your home security so you can finally get some sleep. Extra Security The main purpose of a smart home security system is that it’s Read more [...]

What You Should Know About Building Your First Home

Building your first home can be an exciting experience for everyone involved. It is a sign that you are making an investment in your future. This is why such an endeavour can’t be taken lightly. Of course, if this is your first time managing such a project, you may find that you have to juggle numerous decisions and tasks all at once. Still, it is important for you to understand the fundamentals behind your house building venture. It is only then that you will be able to ensure that the development Read more [...]