September 2017

Ideas for the Modern Bathroom Designs in Sydney

Bathroom Cabinets You can either go for a face-frame or frameless cabinet. While frameless cabinets offer more closet space, they lack the embossed appeal of frameless cabinets. Pick one that suits your bathroom's structure. Small and dim-lit bathrooms usually ask for face-frame cabinets, as wood-themed bathrooms do too. Medicine Cabinets Not every bathroom has a medicine cabinet, but for the people who are thinking of getting one, consider a medicine cabinet that is in contrast with the color Read more [...]

How to Properly Grout Your Tiles: Tips and Tricks

We all know that tiles, whether for flooring or not, needs grouting. Grouting is the process of filling spaces and gaps to avoid any foreign object from penetrating your tiles. To do this, you need to use a fluid form of concrete. A proper mix of grout and its right application is necessary unless you want to rebuild the flooring over and over again. Here are the steps on how to grout your tile project. Step 1: Mix the grout well. The quality of your grout will highly depend on how you mix it. Read more [...]