February 2017

Must have garden trends for the year ahead

With warmer weather due soon and the possibility of spending more spare time outside, people’s attention starts to turn towards the garden. Figuring out what to do with your outside space can be daunting, but garden specialists Oeco Garden Rooms has come up with some handy tips and predictions for upcoming garden trends this year, so you can start planning your summer garden oasis now. Less maintenance with natural landscapes Are you fed up with the endless pruning, trimming and mowing that Read more [...]

Should You Have Your Indoor Air Quality Tested?

The home seems to be a kind of oasis that protects from discomfort and impurities outside. You may worry about smog and air pollution caused by excessive traffic and exhaust fumes. This is an important issue to be concerned about, but many people do not consider the air quality of their homes. You may not see or feel contaminants in your air, but they can have an effect on your health and well-being. People can develop allergic reactions simply from sitting in their homes and watching television. Read more [...]

How to Add Character to Your Campervan

Your campervan is a place where you often find yourself spending a handful of weeks out of the year, winding down, relaxing and going on some great adventures. A huge benefit of having a campervan is that is quite often resembles a home on wheels, which you can decorate and style to suit your needs. One main aim when it comes to the interior of your campervan, is for it to feel warm and welcoming, as well as making you feel relaxed and content. De-clutter Dependant on how new and how often you’ve Read more [...]