The fairytale of Danish lighting design – Louis Poulsen

The story of the Danish lighting design brand Louis Poulsen is a true business venture fairytale, complete with small beginnings, big stars and pioneer spirit.

Starting at the end, Louis Poulsen lamps have been a cornerstone of design lighting, since Poul Henningsen began creating lamps for Louis Poulsen in 1924. Before then, Louis Poulsen has taken over his uncle’s business in 1908, beginning the journey of one of the 2000th century’s most successful lighting businesses.

PH lamps are still a trademark

The world-famous lamp designer Poul Henningsen has always played a big part in the success of the Louis Poulsen brand. With his signature lamps, perhaps the most famous being his Pendel lamp, Poul Henningsen made sure to put himself and Louis Poulsen on the world map of lighting design.

To this day, more than five decades after Poul Henningen’s death, PH lamps are still a trademark of the Louis Poulsen brand. Since then, the brand has taken in more exciting and skilled artwork from creme de la creme of lighting design.

A brand with a history

Since the company was founded in 1874, the scope has changed quite a bit. When Louis Poulsen’s uncle was still at the helm, the company changed from initially importing wine, to selling tools and electrical supplies and only when Louis took over the company, did the focus on lighting begin, with the collaboration of Poul Henningsen and Louis Poulsen.

A company with more than 140 years of experience could be viewed as being solely traditional and probably a bit set in its ways. But the continuous success of the Louis Poulsen brand attests to the contrary, showing the world that Louis Poulsen lamps are still modern and versatile in their designs – and that the classics never go out of fashion.

Lamps for all purposes

If you are interested, click here to learn more about Louis Poulsen. Here you will also find a vast collection of the most loved Louis Poulsen lamps, all in original quality and design. Louis Poulsen lamps come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the lamp that suits your needs, whether you are looking for a lamp to hang over the dining room table, a bright and cozy reading lamp or a functional and stylish lamp for your office desk. Louis Poulsen still has it all.

aCarpet, Tile or Wood: A Flooring Guide

So you’re moving to a new house. This will be exciting. You have a lot to do and plan for. One of the main things you need is good flooring in your home. The search for the perfect flooring can be daunting. There are numerous options to choose from and there are a number of factors to consider. Durability and cost are the main concerns of homeowners when looking for flooring materials before they move.

There is a lot to do to have your home ready, and the flooring is just part of it. Make sure that when the time is right, you contact movers who can get the job done right and save you money along the way. Consider Allied Van Lines for your moving needs. Then when your new home is ready to move in, all your belongings will be there too. That will make it feel like you are really home.

2018 flooring trends

2018 is an exciting year for any homeowner who is looking to have a glamorous, durable and less expensive floor in their homes. The ever-growing size of tiles is interesting. Currently, you can get tiles with a size of 24×48 inches. In addition, concrete looks have found more fans this year than ever. While the wood look is still intact, tile planks are getting longer. Inkjet technology is working wonders as many realistic looks, durability, as well as maintenance benefits are concerned.

The flooring for your home is very important. That could be the reason why there are a lot of emerging trends in this sector. We have broken down the latest flooring trends into the top 5 flooring trends in 2018 below.

  • Blonde flooring

Blonde is just in and it gives your room a bigger look and it also works with any décor.

  • Wood-look flooring

As much as wood-look flooring didn’t begin in 2018, it has been a hot trend for years. Specifically, vinyl, laminate, as well as ceramic tile. This is a favorite for homeowners.

  • Waterproof flooring

When you think of waterproof flooring, tiles will no longer be the only option that comes to your mind. If you’re a busy homeowner, waterproof vinyl, laminate, as well as carpet, won’t disappoint you.

  • Textured flooring

It mimics classic hardwood and it works on floors in laminate, wood and many more.

  • Eco-friendly flooring

In 2018, people are concerned about the origin of their floor materials. Homeowners are going for recyclable, natural, renewable and home-grown materials.

Flooring materials and costs

It is prudent to compare materials and their costs between different vendors before making a decision of what materials and where to buy. While costs might be a good starting point, let it not be your only buying guide. Remember, you are investing in your home, a place where you will probably spend the rest of your life. With that in mind, the following are some materials and their estimated costs that might be helpful.

  • Vinyl tiles

This is the most pocket-friendly flooring materials in the market. With about $1-4 per square foot, you will have your flooring materials.

  • Laminate flooring

You can get a square foot laminate flooring material for $1 to $6. It is very cost effective.

  • Linoleum floors

With about $2 to $3, you can get a square foot long material. The cost will also depend on colors as well as design schemes.

  • Hardwood floors

Depending on the width as well as the quality of the boards, they cost around $5 to $15 dollars per square foot.

  • Vinyl sheet

It costs around $1 to $5 per square foot.

You pay for what you get

It is important to note that the prices above are exclusive of installation costs. In addition, there are quite a number of types of flooring materials out there. The more you invest in your flooring materials and even installation, the more you are likely to get durable, quality materials.

Carpeting vs. wood floors

Wood floors are usually associated with style, elegance, richness, as well as old fashion touch. It has many pros that overshadow some of its cons. It is easy to clean and amazingly durable. They don’t go out of fashion or style.

On the other hand, carpets are known for warmth. They are soft and comfortable to walk on or sit on. They are ‘friendly’ to kids. It is also less noisy as compared to its counterpart, wood floors.

What really sets the two types of flooring apart is the ease to clean. While it is very easy to clean a wooden floor, carpeted floors take a lot of work.

Build a floor that doesn’t squeak

The structural framing of floors is a good starting point to build a squeak-free floor. Framing will go a long way to ensure your floor doesn’t squeak and prevent cracking, gapping or even bulging that is associated with carpet floors.

Before you embark on a journey to build the floor, plan ahead. Work out the details in advance. This will enable you to build a superior floor. There is a lot that goes into building such a floor, and if you are a person who pays attention to detail, you will get it right.

How to Soundproof Sash Windows?

Soundproof sash windows will generally improve the comfort of your home by reducing the noise levels. They also retain heat and maintain proper levels of security in your home. They are valuable for every home and increase the quality of your home when looking for natural calmness. Now, in this post, we’ll show you all the professional, do-it-yourself options for all soundproof sash windows.

However, first, to understand how to soundproof sash windows, you’ll need to know how noise is measured which is in Decibels (dB). Of course, high or too much sound decibels are quite dangerous to our health and even cause sleepless nights. With this in mind, here are the most professional and straightforward ways of soundproofing sash windows. Have a look!

Sash Windows DIY Draught Proofing

This technique can reduce the levels of noise in your home considerably. While there no proven studies on how draught proofing improves the lifestyle in your home. It’s clear that an old and draughty sash window, with a high-quality system of soundproofing, transforms and enhances the comfort of your home.

Sash windows come with different insulations and costs. So, if you’re looking to make your home more pleasant without spending too much, you could try applying masking tape to the joints on your sash window. They will prevent the same amount of noise just like a standard sash window, draught proofing system. However, be cautious when doing so as there are several varying sash window conditions.

Secondary Glazing

If you are not comfortable with draught proofing, then the best option based on performance and reliability is secondary glazing. However, it’s done after you’ve thoroughly draught-proofed your sash window. It’s quite cost-effective, and because of the massive cavity of air created after drought proofing together with your secondary glazing unit, noise and heat are significantly reduced.

While the cavity is not completely airtight, it’s pretty close, and the resulting structure is perfectly thick and double glazed. Keep in mind that the thicker the double glazed unit, the better it is!

However, it comes with a vast ‘BUT.’ While it’s the right choice for those of you suffering from constant noise but don’t want to incur too much to achieve perfect soundproofing results, it ends up ruining the aesthetics of a seasoned property. Such means that your home may not the sparkling look you intended it to possess.


A comfortable home is the best environment for relaxing, performing house chores, and reading and even working but noise is its most significant, ‘enemy.’ Luckily, you don’t have to suffer anymore once you understand these two simple soundproofing sash window methods. Although both of them have one or two disadvantages, they still do a lot in making sure that you have a serene living space. They are far much better than having to struggle with noise while in your home. You can have them installed without too much interference with your interior decor and enjoy the calmness that magically transforms your life. Try them out!

Why Sky Crossing is the Ideal Location to Move To

A new master planned community in north Phoenix has opened, offering luxurious home and endless resort-style amenities. The location of the new Sky Crossing community is ideal, sitting in the heart of the Sonoran desert and surrounded by the beautiful city of Phoenix.

Impressive Amenities

The gated community has an impressive list of onsite amenities like a community center, a fitness center with state of the art equipment, a full-size basketball court, a pool with a beach entry, splash pads, playgrounds, fire pits and barbeques. All of the amenities are available for the residents to use. On top of the state of the art equipment offered at the fitness center, it also has televisions, weekly classes and a private studio. There are plenty of ramadas and places to lounge around the pool, including shaded areas. The new homes in Phoenix are also family and pet friendly with pocket parks and grassy areas throughout the community.

The home amenities are just as impressive as the onsite amenities. The homes are designed and built by Pulte Homes and Taylor Morrison. They both offer a wide variety of floor plans to choose from ranging from 2 bedrooms to 7 bedrooms. All of the homes come with only the best and stylish features and fixtures. From one to two story options, the homes are complete with culinary style kitchens, large garages, covered patios and high end appliances. Plus, the stunning views of the beauty of the Arizona desert is right in your backyard.

Appealing Area in the Valley

The Valley of the Sun is known for their great weather year round. It can get hot during the summer months, but you can cool off in the comfort of your new home or lounge around the community pool. There are also plenty of spots to travel to in the northern part of the state that are much cooler in the summer and only about 2 hours away! The sunshine is usually shining year round, with the occasional rain showers during the Monsoon season. During these months, usually from July to September, you can experience some of the most spectacular lightning shows and watercolor skies. The winter months cool down and are the perfect time of year to stroll through the neighborhood and take advantage of the many onsite pocket parks. The Arizona sunsets are also out of this world and can be enjoyed while sitting on your porch or exploring the area. There are also a handful of trails near the north Phoenix new homes for sale. The hiking trails are full of wildflowers and cactus, giving you a breathtaking view of the desert.

Nearby Attractions

There is always something to do in Phoenix and at Sky Crossing, you won’t be far from any of it. The community is conveniently located near the freeways to help you get all over the city. Just down the road you can find the Musical Instrument Museum, Desert Ridge Marketplace, the Odysea Aquarium, Top Golf, Talking Stick Resort & Casino, the Butterfly Wonderland and a number of bowling alleys and movie theatres to choose from. Phoenix is also known for their professional sports teams being home to the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns and Arizona Coyotes, so there is always a game to attend. The city also attracts festivals and events year round like concerts from top artists including Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake, Spring Training in March, golf tournaments and food festivals like the Taco Festival in October. If you like to shop, there are plenty of options nearby from high-end to more practical stores like Target and Barnes and Noble.

3. Sleep in Luxury: Top Picks in Bedding from Arnotts

The perfect bedding combination is hard to finesse, but it can be one of the most important set of choices in your home. You spend the majority of your time, albeit asleep, in that one place, and yet for most people, bedding is an afterthought. But recall, if you can, the feeling you get when you sink into a swanky hotel bed after a long day of traveling, or the relief of peeling back perfectly crisp sheets. It’s absolutely possible to create that luxurious sensation in your own home with bedding from Arnotts.

It all starts with the right bed frame and mattress. For the ultimate in style, the West Elm range is as classically designed as it comes. The Mid-Century bed is the perfect base for any sleep situation, with traditional lines and a hint of trend that will keep it fresh and fashionable. For an upholstered option, the John Lewis Croft Collection Skye bed frame is simple and elegant with beautiful turned wood legs. You can even work in storage within the bed frame, like this tufted burgundy divan option, that can eliminate the clutter in your bedroom and make for an even more restful space.

Choosing a mattress can be intimidating, but Arnotts’ helpful mattress buying guide breaks down every element and helps you pick the best mattress for your needs. Whether you’re a side, stomach or back sleeper can have an impact on which type of mattress will encourage the best night’s sleep.

Of course, layering textiles is where the more tactile luxury comes into play. Every home should have a set of high quality white sheets, making your bed feel like the perfect respite. The Linen Consultancy’s Egyptian sateen rangehas double the thread count of most basic sets, truly hitting the luxury mark and increasing the risk that you won’t be too quick to hop out of bed most mornings.

Add cheerful colour into the mix with a high-comfort linen and cotton blend sheet, which is increasing in popularity. The Foxford range includes an indigo shade that’s cool and soothing, but adds instant personality to your bedroom. But of course, the real show of personality comes with layering on the rest of the textiles, from duvet covers to pillows to throws. Bedeck 1950’s Kanza duvet cover adds texture and warmth for that luxurious feel, the West Elm Tencel artist’s palette duvet cover is calming yet colourful with a brush stroke pattern, and the Christy Regency duvet cover is slightly feminine.

Adding cushions and throw blankets gives the bed an inviting look, and it’s hard to use too many. Mix in different patterns and textures, and add pops of colour that will bring your bedroom to life. The Appletree Sula cushion lets you hop on the pom pom cushion trend in a simple teal, and the Harlequin People cushion adds a little whimsy to the space.

Whether you’re making over your whole bedroom or replacing a few pieces here and there, making your bedroom more inviting and luxurious is just a few clicks away.

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What to Look for in a Professional Window Cleaning Service

So, your office windows are looking dirty and in need of cleaning. It’s getting to the point where you’re reluctant to invite clients to the office. You’re ashamed of the grey patches which should be glistening in the sun like all the others. It’s time to call in the professionals. But, how do you know you’re hiring the right people? Don’t worry. Here are a few things you need to look out for to ensure you hire the best commercial window cleaner in your area.


When you’re hiring someone and paying them your hard-earned money to complete a task, you want them to know what they’re doing. Hiring a commercial window cleaner is no different. The job involves more than putting a soapy cloth to a window and hoping for the best. Depending on the building, window cleaning may require a whole host of skills that need to be developed over time. This is where hiring an experience window cleaning company will make all the difference.

Does your building require abseiling for window cleaning? If so, an experienced commercial window cleaning company will know how doing this safely, with the correct equipment, to make sure no harm comes to you, the workers, or your building. It’s small things like this that will make a big difference in the window cleaning service you get.


Different companies will offer different prices for their services. But you’ll want to hire the best quality commercial window cleaner for the most reasonable price. Sometimes a lower price can be appealing, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A suspiciously low cost could mean they’ve skimped out on the quality of the service they provide or the training of their staff. If you think about it, the glass window cleaners work with often costs thousands of pounds. One mistake, and they could cause you to lose thousands of pounds on broken glass, or damaged windows. Is that a risk you want to take?


Window cleaning is a high-risk job. Without the correct insurance cover, one small accident could result in the building owner being responsible for injuries that occur on the property. Insurance is expensive. Commercial window cleaning companies that advertise that they are fully insured shows that they take their business seriously and that they care about their customers. That’s what you want in a window cleaner.

You can check your window cleaning company’s website to see what insurance cover they subscribe to. Or, you can always give them a call to enquire. Any professional company will be more than happy to talk you through the details of the services they provide and the insurance they have to put your mind at ease. If they are not willing to do this, you may need to look for another window cleaner.

Service and quality

Indeed, one of the most important factors when choosing a window cleaning company is the service they provide. A clean image, resulting from brilliant past reviews and a reputation for brilliance, should not go missed in the window cleaning industry. An excellent reputation shows they have a history of providing an excellent service and going that extra mile – cleaning window frames, making sure their customers are satisfied, or providing a loyalty service for regular customers.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Furniture

Remodeling your kitchen can be a very expensive thing to do. Getting the perfect furniture that fits your taste and provides excellent functionality can cost you a lot, but these items can last a lifetime if carefully selected and taken care of. This is why it is important that you know the things to look out for when getting your kitchen furniture. The three main criteria for picking the perfect kitchen furniture are the following:


One of the most important things you must check is the item’s durability. You want to pick something that would last for years and not waste your money on items that get damaged easily. It is best if you buy from trusted brands that are known for their high-quality products.


A lot of people can get easily swayed with whatever is on trend and tend to buy items based on their appearance. If you want your kitchen furniture to last a lifetime, you must choose comfort over style. Having a beautiful-looking kitchen that does not provide you with the best comfort might force you to remodel the place again after a few months.

Also, pick items that complement each other instead of randomly buying different types of furniture without thinking about your kitchen’s overall look. For example, choose countertops that match your kitchen island and pick cabinets that complement them.



A kitchen can serve different purposes depending on the people using it. A newly wed couple would probably use it less often than a family with kids. When picking the right furniture, keep in mind how often you plan to use your kitchen and what you mainly plan to use it for (baking, cooking, hanging out with friends, etc.).

A regular Köögimööbel often includes countertops, stools, cabinets and drawers, and the kitchen island. Here are a few tips to help you select your kitchen furniture:


When picking a kitchen countertop, you must check if you can cut, chop, or place food and drinks on it without it being easily damaged. Also, check if the material used stains easily. Countertops made of granite are more scratch and heat resistant and easy to maintain. Those that are made of marble or tile needs to be sealed more often.


Steel and plastic stools are the most common options for kitchen use. These are all good choices, but it is advisable to get stools made of timber because they are more versatile and durable. Timber stools work well in almost all kitchen styles without having to compromise quality.

Cabinets and Drawers

There are now a variety of kitchen cabinets available in the market that have different features. Some have pull-out drawers while others use sliding doors. Not all kitchen cabinets have to be made of wood, it all depends on your taste and how you want to use them.

Kitchen Island

It is highly recommended to have a multi-purpose kitchen island built, so you don’t waste any space. Use the bottom parts of the island as additional storage. You can also use the counter as a dining space.

If you’re ready to pick the perfect pieces of furniture for your kicthen, GRANDBER Sisustus offers a wide array of furniture options for you to choose from. Just remember that it is all about choosing different pieces that, when combined, will create the perfect kitchen for you.

Tips For Protection Of Your Home During A Renovation

Going through a renovation of your home can be an exciting thing, especially if you are completing a project you have wanted to do for a long time. Lots of planning and preparation needs to go into a successful renovation project at home. One of the major disadvantages of completing a renovation is that your home can get really dirty and messy. If you don’t want to have to fix any items in your home that get damaged during the project, you will need to take adequate measures to protect the surfaces of the rest of your house while remodeling a room. Below are some great tips for keeping your home safe.

Taking Care Of The Mess

For most homeowners, a major concern during a home renovation project is the amount of mess that can be made around the whole home. Dust and debris can find its way to rooms far away from where you are completing your project. If possible, lay out plastic sheeting over your furnishings throughout the home, or at least in nearby areas, while the project gets completed. This will make cleanup much quicker and easier.

Protection From Fire And Water

Homeowners who are doing a renovation of their home should never take fire safety lightly. Stray sparks of electricity from tools can easily start a fire that will destroy your whole home. You can use fire-proof materials to protect your home’s belongings while completing the project. Likewise, many homeowners fail to adequately protect their home and belongings from water damage during home renovation projects as well. To remedy this, homeowners need to look into products such as an Aqua Shield® from TRIMACO® to help. Their products can be found on their site. This product is water resistant, dust proof and fire proof to keep your work area protected and the area around it protected.

Quality Materials

In order to ensure your home and belongings remain safe, you should only use quality materials and tools during the renovation. If you don’t, you could risk more than just damaging your stuff. When you use unsafe tools, those who are completing the renovation project could risk getting injured or worse.

If you plan to spend many hours and thousands of dollars renovating a room in your home, you should make sure to protect your belongings during the process. It is not a good idea to wait until something bad happens to decide and take extra precaution. When you use the shield from the beginning, you will have much less mess to clean up once the project is completed. You will also not have to worry about any damage being done to your floors, walls or precious belongings while working.

The Most Common Outdoor Landscaping Challenges

The condition of your yard could be a major cause of stress if it isn’t up to your standards. There are a number of issues that could be causing you grief and will make you want to pull your hair out when seeing them. Fortunately, humans are clever animals; as such, we have developed methods and best practices to remedy some of the more routine dilemmas that occur on residential properties all over the country.

Crafting that perfect lawn takes time and dedication, but even then, there are challenges. Here are some of the more ubiquitous obstacles that could be plaguing your yard, and some tips on how to fix them.

Hills and Slopes

A steep incline on your land could be the cause of several annoyances, like not being able to utilize that space or losing it to erosion. Thankfully, landscaping solutions for steep hills can alleviate the headache and help you enjoy your yard again. Retaining walls can be a great way to stop the movement of soil to keep it where you want it.

Wet Spots and Drainage

A sloppy spot in your yard or walkway may not be much of an issue while the weather is clear but could turn into a pond or river in a good downpour. Too much water can even damage the foundation of your house, causing irreparable harm. Homeowners who are having issues with standing water commonly remedy their problems with a French drain system; drains can be buried and cleverly hidden away to not detract from your aesthetic as well.

Pest Control

Critters and vermin of all shapes and sizes – from the tiniest aphid to the biggest white tail buck – could be destroying all your hard work while you’re gone or asleep. Fortunately, there are ways to fight back against the wildlife that love to snack on your vegetation. Poisons and traps are a common way to deal with pests but can be a cruel and painful way to solve your issue. Consider placing barriers that keep pests from gaining access to your yard, or cultivating plants that drive them away for a non-harmful method of control.

Too Much or Too Little Shade

An abundance of hot summer sun can leave your lawn parched and brown; on the other side of the coin, too little light can lead to stunted growth or even death of your plants and grass. Consider the amount of light an area will receive before planting to make sure your leafy green friends are happy and healthy. Large shade trees may take many years before you see the benefit but can provide much needed reprieve from the beating heat.

Privacy Concerns

Most people value their home and yard as a place of privacy and peace, and that can be difficult with neighbors close surrounding you. A fence would be the first thought by many, but fences are expensive and can detract from your landscape. A “living fence” made of trees and shrubs could be the perfect option for those who require some barriers between them and the rest of the world. A lattice paired with climbing plants is a good compromise between both natural and man-made elements.

Though the challenges of attaining the perfect yard can seem overwhelming, the resources to fix our problems are there when we ask the right questions. Seek the help of experienced professionals if you’re not able to tackle the issue yourself; you’ll be able to get on with enjoying your landscape!

Home Resale – Get the Look to Turn Heads

Whether you are a homeowner looking for cost-effective solutions to presenting your home on the market, or whether you are a buy-to-let landlord looking for long term options to suit the regular demand on a high level of property presentation to help secure tenants, there is one question that you may have repeatedly asked yourself: is home staging worth it?

What is Home Staging?

People don’t live in show homes. The show home setup is not the finished practical article. So why do potential buyers respond more positively to show home setups (or ‘home staging’) when browsing the market? The simple answer is that home staging delivers an intensely appealing hint at how a professional interior design approach could make the best use of space and perspective. This engaging ‘template’ approach encourages buyers to better understand what is on offer, and how they could impose their style. Intrigued? Check out home staging by Emblem Furniture for concepts that underline the significance of presentation.

Why is Home Staging Important if Buyers Change the Furniture Anyway?

Home staging is not about selling the look of a particular house when complete with a particular couch, table, and lamp combo. Home staging is about communicating value. Now, it is important to mention that a house valued at £250,000 cannot leap in value to £400,000 thanks to a professionally lit photo of a well-placed potted plant. Nor should a seller wish to achieve this leap – a buyer looking for a £400,000 home will not be interested in a £250,000 street. Instead, home staging should be looked upon as a chance to fulfil and promote a property’s potential at a glance. Why should this be a consideration? Because buyers will first view your property online.

Imagine flicking through a selection of properties online, only to see image after image of samey looking family homes. Wide screen TV. Block colour feature wall (usually blue). Couch with built in docking station. A small lawn and a featureless downstairs bathroom. It’s all very nice. But it’s all very average. At this point the buyer will be led away from the visual appeal and will begin to consider how other factors such as commuter time and proximity to main roads may help to sway their decision.

Now imagine coming across images of a stunning dining room that looks lifted straight from a 5-star restaurant guide. What about a bedroom that looks more presidential suite than the basics of a clean but boring bed and breakfast? And let’s not forget a living room that looks ready to receive royalty, as compared to a candid snap of a living space cluttered with children’s toys and a mismatched coffee table atop a light-sapping black rug.

Downsize Your Style

As part of your preparations for home staging, attempt to strip away any unneeded furniture. Let the potential buyer see the space. Highlights like flowers, ornamental pieces, and mirrors should be used sparingly. Place the emphasis on the positive attributes of your home, like keeping the space clean and open in a large hallway or making the best use of light in a kitchen diner. There’s no telling how much value a professional staged job could add, but you are better placed to guarantee the asking price of your property with hired help from home staging professionals.